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Inpatient Rehab Jobs in DE

Using an inpatient rehabilitation program means staying in a facility until the completion of treatment.
The length of stay can vary from a few days to a month or more, depending on individual needs. These short-term programs may be offered in stand-alone rehabilitation hospitals, specialty hospital emergency departments, or skilled nursing facilities. Persons admitted to inpatient rehabilitation facilities receive comprehensive rehabilitation care through a multidisciplinary team of rehabilitation specialists, whose activities are closely coordinated and led by a doctor.

Inpatient Rehabilitation Services prepares graduates to serve a variety of patients and to lead at every level in acute, subacute and long-term rehabilitation facilities throughout the country. This new program focuses on increasing the leadership abilities of students. To help make a smooth transition between the hospital setting and leading in a skilled nursing facility, students learn techniques for working as an administrator with staff, physicians and other management personnel, and become proficient in technology. Inpatient rehabilitation nurses have specialized knowledge in a variety of areas such as pain management, physical and vocational therapy, patient education, pulmonary disease, cardiac care and more. Students take courses through Crum CUMC's collaboration with other area schools such as the University of Central Oklahoma. Graduates learn to work one on one with patients, manage physicians and staff, design programs for efficiency in patient care, manage budgets, develop patient follow up systems and make implementation a specialty.

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