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Intensive Care Unit Jobs in KY

An intensive care unit, or ICU, is a subspecialty of critical care. Similar to an intensive care unit, an ICU provides specialized care for critically ill or injured patients that is staffed by specially trained medical personnel and has equipment that allows for continuous monitoring and life support.

Critical care nursing refers to the most acute and unstable patients in the hospital population. An example of this kind of care is found in the intensive care unit (ICU) and coronary care unit (CCU).

Critical care nurses provide specialized experience, knowledge, and skills to critically ill patients. Critical care nurses are trained to make split-second decisions and act quickly when a patient’s status changes. Their primary work environment in the hospital is in specialized care units. Typically, critical care patients need a high level of care, and most of them are admitted to the hospital.

ICU nurses interact with patient families to educate them about the patient’s condition and treatment. Families can be understandably distraught while dealing with a terminally ill or injured family member, so as an ICU nurse it is important to both reassure them while also remaining realistic.

ICU nurses must deal with patients who have acute symptoms, requiring skilled and extensive care. They often face high rates of morbidity and mortality, as well as traumatic situations.

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