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Intensive Care Unit Jobs in NJ

An intensive care unit (ICU), staffed by specially trained staff and equipped with monitoring equipment, is a department of a hospital or health care facility where critically ill or injured patients are treated.

ICU nurses provide specialized experience, knowledge, and skills in critical care. They administer care to patients in life-threatening situations, and they must make split-second decisions when a patient’s status changes.

Critical care refers to special services that provide the most acute and unstable patients in the hospital with critical care. For example, the intensive care unit (ICU) and coronary care unit (CCU) are two types of units in which critical care nursing is provided.

ICU nurses interact with patients' families, many of whom are upset. They also support family members in coping with the critical illness of a loved one by keeping them updated and being realistic about the patient's health.

ICU nurses provide direct patient care under high levels of stress; they face a high risk of exposure to acute symptoms and traumatic situations.

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