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Arkansas is the most populous of the 50 U.S. states. On June 15, 1836, it joined the Union as the 25th state. Its capital, Little Rock, is also its largest city.

The second-largest city, Fort Smith, is located on the western border and has a population of over 100,000. Arkansas has a total area of ​​53,179 square kilometers. That makes it the 31st largest state by area among all 50 states. With an estimated population of 2,915,918 as of July 2014, Arkansas is also the 29th most populous state in the United States, with a population density of 83.5 people per square kilometer.

As a southern state, Arkansas is often referred to as “Arkansas,” but they rarely call themselves that. Neighboring states still use the name “Arkansas”.

The motto of this American state is simple, like the one on its flag: Regnat Populus (Latin), which means “Power to the People.” This proposal reflects the fact that Arkansas is a Democratic state ruled by its people. The capital city of Little Rock also has the better-known nickname “Natural State”, coined because it lies along the southern border of the Ozark Mountains and is considered worthy of being called a natural wonder.

Arkansas has several universities, including the University of Arkansas, which is the state’s flagship university. Other major institutions where students can receive a quality education include Hendrix College, Lyon College, and South Arkansas Community College.

Arkansas has a humid subtropical climate, although there are sharp differences between its northern and southern parts. The extreme south is close to the Gulf of Mexico, while the northern parts are even more influenced by humid continental air masses. Snow in Arkansas only falls during the winter months. In fact, this state has the second-highest number of days in a year with snowfall.

Top LPN Schools


Black River Technical College

The main campus of the Black River Technical College is located in Pocahontas, Arkansas, with an additional campus located in Paragould. BRTC strives to provide contemporary and effective learning to students. The college's experienced faculty uses modern teaching techniques to impart education. BRTC concentrates on providing competence and knowledge to the students so that they can contribute and aid in improving the overall health of the community.

Northwest Technical Institute

Northwest Technical Institute (NTI) is located in Springdale, Arkansas, and focuses on providing flexible schedules to enlighten and empower nursing students so that they can achieve high-end professional knowledge. NTI focuses mainly on enhancing the student experience by providing real-world clinical settings under the guidance of experienced teaching staff.

Arkansas State University-Beebe

Arkansas State University (ASU) has four main campuses: ASU-Beebe, ASU-Searcy, ASU-Heber Springs and the Little Rock Air Force Base. ASU-Beebe promotes high-quality education at affordable prices. ASU pays attention to providing quality workforce training as well as technical education so that the educational standards can meet the health care requirements of the community. Established in 1927, ASU also offers financial aid programs and scholarships to the deserving candidates.

North Arkansas College

North Arkansas College is a two-year, open-door and public college located in Harrison, Arkansas. The school assists its nursing students by developing technical and interpersonal skills that allow them to make proficient, enduring, and dedicated health care professionals. North Arkansas College provides affordable and quality education, along with outstanding learning environment, advanced technical courses, and clinical sessions in order to aid public health and welfare.

The University of Arkansas at Monticello

UAM is committed to providing high-tech classrooms, and supervision of the trained instructors and physicians during the clinical sessions to the students. The University of Arkansas at Monticello (UAM) has its two other campuses in Crossett and McGehee. UAM is dedicated to delivering highly competent nursing individuals to the community to ensure all the health needs of the patients can be taken care of with utmost proficiency and efficiency.

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