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Georgia, a state in the United States. Ranked fourth among U.S. states east of the Mississippi River in terms of total land area (though first in land area), and for many years the youngest of 13 former British colonies, Georgia was founded on In 1732, when it had a larger border, it included much of what is today Alabama and Mississippi.

Its landscape features many contrasts and more soil types than any other state, as it stretches from the Appalachian Mountains in the north (on the border of Tennessee and North Carolina) to the Atlantic Coast Marshes and Okeforno in the southeast Base Swamp (it shares with Florida). ) South. The Savannah and Chattahoochee Rivers form most of Georgia’s borders with South Carolina and Alabama in eastern and western Georgia, respectively.

Georgia’s early economy was based on the slave plantation system. Georgia was one of the first states to secede from the Union in 1861 and actively supported the Confederate States of America (Confederation) during the American Civil War. However, he paid a heavy price for the devastation caused by the Union Army’s siege of northern Georgia and the fiery capture of Atlanta by General William Tecumseh Sherman in 1864. The subsequent march to the Sherman Sea destroyed a swathe of plantations from Atlanta to Savannah—one of the first examples of total war. While postwar Georgians romanticized old plantations, many also quickly abandoned agriculture in favor of industry, even adopting the pro-Northern, pro-industrial ideology of Atlanta journalist Henry Grady. Cotton and iron production increased thereafter, but the real driver of Georgia’s postwar growth was the expansion of the Atlanta-centered rail system.

The extent to which some of the wounds in this story were healed in Georgia is vividly illustrated by contemporary Atlanta. This city was the home of Martin Luther King Jr. and was, in fact, the headquarters of the civil rights movement. In the 1960s, the Atlanta business community ensured that the racial conflicts that damaged the reputation of other southern cities would not be repeated.

At the turn of the 21st century, the state’s prosperity was based primarily on the service industry and mainly in and around Atlanta due to that city’s excellent rail and air links. Atlanta is home to the state’s core public services, as well as banking, food and beverage, and information technology, and is in fact one of the nation’s top corporate headquarters. Driven primarily by Atlanta’s progressive image and rapid economic and demographic growth, Georgia by the end of the 20th century had already surpassed other Deep South states in terms of overall prosperity and conformity to national socioeconomic norms. The state continues to be the leader in the southern region.

Top LPN Schools


Georgia Piedmont Technical College

Georgia Piedmont Technical College is one of the few colleges that support the Homeownership and Opportunity for People Everywhere (HOPE) program. Established in 1961, the college gained a reputation as a student-centered institution that prepares students for careers with high-quality education, lab & clinical training, and skill enhancement courses. Academic programs at Georgia Piedmont Technical College have a collaboration with top industries, hospitals, companies, and firms that not only raise the standard of education but also ensure a higher rate of placement.

Ogeechee Technical College

Ogeechee Technical College’s Practical Nursing Program aims to prepare competent, compassionate, and safe nurses that provide high quality patient-centered care in collaboration with the healthcare team in a global setting. In harmony with the college’s mission, the nursing program aims to provide a supportive learning environment which encourages community service, personal growth, and continuing education.

Chattahoochee Technical College

Chattahoochee Technical College’s placement rate is 97 percent. The college encourages its students to take a step toward their desired career, teaching them the skills they need to achieve perfection. Along with maintaining the high standards of education, Chattahoochee Technical College also offers aid to make education accessible to deserving students.

Albany Technical College

Albany Technical College is a two-year, open-door, and public postsecondary college that is a part of the Technical College System of Georgia. The mission of Albany Technical College is to provide high-quality education and practical training to the in-state and out-of-state students. It is focused on developing perfection, competence, discipline, and values in the students to help them grow as a proficient part of today’s workforce, as well as a valued individual of the community.

Southeastern Technical College

Southeastern Technical College provides a collaborative and enriching educational environment for students from many years. Established in 1990, the college has never looked back. It currently offers over 80 academic programs in its two campuses, as well as giving students opportunities to undergo hands-on training in various private health care facilities.

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