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Montana is a vast state with an area larger than any other place in the United States, except for Alaska and Texas. It has 97 counties and one independent city (Billings).

The boundary between Montana and Wyoming is all of the Continental Divide east of the summit of Granite Peak 100 miles (160 km) north-northeast of Wisdom.

The continental divide continues east and south from the summit along the top of the Big Belt Mountains, then along with the present range of the Little Belts and continuing on to Loma, Montana in Fergus County where it turns east and roughly follows the 40 degrees parallel past Lewistown, Missouri Valley, and Jordan before veering southeast to Yellowstone National Park.
From there it continues south from the southern end of the range into Grand Teton National Park, then along the Teton Range and across Jackson Lake into Wyoming where it is roughly visible from Togwotee Pass to the southeast corner of Yellowstone.
The continental divide forms much of Montana’s eastern boundary with South Dakota and North Dakota. The continental divide heads east from the Big Blackfoot Mountains then follow the southern border of Glacier National Park and continue across northern Montana to Alberta in Canada.

East of the divide there are a few mountain ranges by the name of mountains but none that have a considerable enough height or prominence to be called a true mountain range. However, most of these by names such as (the Highwood Mountains, the Castle Mountains, and the Sweet Grass Hills) are often larger than many actual mountain ranges.
The Long Fork of the Kootenai River gets its start in British Columbia and flows into Montana where it becomes a major tributary to the Kootenai River and then north and east into the state of Idaho.

The Missouri River is formed at Three Forks (the confluence of the Jefferson, Madison, and Gallatin rivers) along the boundary with Gallatin County where it quickly enters Montana passing through Fort Benton, then heads east to Great Falls, then southeast to Billings where it veers due south. The river then meanders south to the border with North Dakota where it forms much of that state’s eastern boundary down to Lake Sakakawea.

Top LPN Schools


Montana State University Billings

The College of Nursing–Billings is one of the top Montana schools for nursing. It was founded in 1969 as the Billings Vocational-Technical Education Center (BVTC). Its partnership with Red Rocks Community College in Denver, Colorado, earned BVTC designation as an associate degree granting institution. The college has outstanding teaching faculties made up of experts in their area.

Missoula College

Missoula College offers 35 technical and occupational programs. Students receive a practical experience with the real-world applications of their learning and get a career-focused education that leads them toward fulfilling their goals. The college works toward providing students with a student-centered learning environment that encourages workforce development and leads to the growth of an individual.

Helena College

Helena College is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. The college provides online courses for students who can’t attend regular classes. The nursing program prepares the students to work in the dynamic environment of various health care settings.

Great Falls College

Great Falls College was established in 1969 and achieved accreditation by the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges 10 years later. The college's practical nursing program is a part of the Montana University System. The college strives to maintain high education standards through lecture, laboratory and clinical experience. The college delivers competent graduates who can stand up to the needs of the employers and can work ethically.

Flathead Valley Community College

Flathead Valley Community College offers an excellent practical nursing program in Montana. The college was established in 1967 and is located in a large area of 216 acres; the school works with a mission of student success and meeting the needs of the community. The college has experienced faculty and small class size that guarantee individualized attention to the students. The college fosters an environment that enhances the productivity of the students and teachers.

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