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LPN Jobs in Ogden, UT

Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs)

Licensed practical nurses provide basic care to patients in a variety of healthcare facilities. They can collect data from physicians and report this information to registered nurses. In addition, they can give medications as directed by a physician or nurse practitioner. LPNs may work with patients who have a variety of medical conditions, ranging from common colds to potentially life-threatening injuries. They also can work in the community providing preventative healthcare screenings and teaching patients about wellness.

LPN programs may be available at vocational or technical schools. LPN training typically takes around 12 to 16 months. Some LPNs may receive additional training in order to work in a specialty area, such as long-term care or pediatrics, while others focus on a specific patient population. LPNs must be licensed by the state in which they wish to practice, and they are required to renew their licenses every two years. LPNs should pass a criminal background check and have no felony convictions on their records before receiving a license from the state. Many states also require LPNs to complete continuing education courses every two years in order to maintain their licenses.

Registered nurses who work in long-term care may need additional training to care for patients with dementia or those who are bedridden. LPN salaries vary widely depending on the location, facility and level of experience.

After completing LPN training programs, LPNs must become licensed in the state where they wish to practice. To be licensed, the LPN must pass the National Council Licensure Examination – PN (NCLEX-PN). The license is renewable every two years. The LPN may need additional training to work with certain types of patients, such as children, the elderly or individuals with mental disabilities.

About Ogden

The city of Ogden, the county seat of Weber County, northern Utah, USA (1852). It is located at the confluence of the Weber and Ogden Rivers, west of the Wasatch Mountains and east of the Great Salt Lake.

The community began as a developed settlement around Fort Buenaventura, a log fence with irrigated gardens built by Miles M. Goodyear in 1845 and occupied by Mormons in 1847 Purchased; Goodyear Salon kept. Originally known as Fort Brown, it was founded in 1850 by Mormon leader Brigham Young and renamed Peter Skene Ogden, a catcher and fur trader who worked in the area in the 1820s and organized several conferences in the area. With the arrival of the Union Pacific Railroad (1869), Ogden became a distribution point for produce in the Mountain Region. Transportation, income tax processing, light industry (pharmaceuticals, clothing, and transport equipment), and aviation (located at the nearby Hill Air Force Base) are the mainstays of the city's economy.

Weber State University was established in 1889 as a Mormon college. The designer of the Browning automatic rifle, John Moses Browning, was born in Ogden, and the town's John M. Browning Gun Museum houses the inventor's guns. The snow basin winter sports area on the east side of Ogg Mountain is 29 kilometers east.

Nearby Ben Lomond Peak (9,712 feet 2,960 meters) served as the template for the famous Paramount Pictures logo.

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