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Oklahoma, a state which is often referred to as “the Sooner state”, was the 46th state admitted into the Union on November 16, 1907. The name originated from two Choctaw Indian words: “okla” and “humma”, meaning red people. One of Oklahoma’s nicknames is “Land of the Red Man.”

The state capital of Oklahoma is the city of Oklahoma City, while its largest city is Tulsa. It was one of the main destinations for Native Americans to be removed in the Trail of Tears relocation from their ancestral homelands. The oil boom in Oklahoma during the early 20th century attracted people from all walks of life and helped still the population decline from the Great Migration.

Today, Oklahoma is a mixed-race and multi-cultural state with growing populations of Native American, white and immigrant communities. It has one of the largest tribal populations in the United States (567 federally recognized tribes including 39 federally recognized Native American tribes), more than any other U.S. state.

The state’s boundaries are almost identical to the historic Indian Territory, although some land was ceded to the United States in 1866. The name “Oklahoma” comes from the Choctaw phrase “okla humma”, literally meaning red people; it is usually translated as “red people”. White men first appeared in Oklahoma about 1900.

Oklahoma became the 46th state in 1907 and grew rapidly because of its rich agricultural land and oil discoveries. The early leaders of the territory were Democrats who sent populist politicians to Congress to fight for homestead laws, railroad subsidies, free college education, generous veterans’ pensions, and other popular causes. World War I brought prosperity as the oil fields boomed and farmers prospered from wheat and cotton crops.

Top LPN Schools


Mid-America Technology Center- Wayne

Mid-America Technology Center, Wayne, was one of the first colleges in the newly formed district. Today, it offers 24 courses in different fields and is dedicated to promote local community by imparting quality education and industrial skills to the students.

Autry Technology Center- Enid

The University of Oklahoma College of Nursing and participating technology centers in Oklahoma’s CareerTech system are now accepting enrollments for a Nurse Refresher course. This course offers three components: A self-paced, online nursing theoretical course; A nursing skills lab; A clinical rotation module. This course can be completed within six months.

Kiamichi Technology Center- Poteau

Kiamichi Technology Center, Poteau, in southeastern Oklahoma, offers numerous full-time courses like Electrical Technology, Welding Technology, Practical Nursing, and Health Science. All the courses are carefully laid out to harness the full potential of students. KTC strives to uplift individuals and the entire community as whole by offering many short-term online and on-campus vocational courses.

Central Technology Center- Drumright

Practical Nursing is the practice of nursing under the supervision or direction of a registered nurse, a licensed physician, or a dentist. An LPN provides care based on the knowledge and application of principles and skills in the prevention of illness and the promotion, maintenance, and restoration of health. Licensed Practical Nurses are employed in hospitals, home health agencies, doctors’ offices, long-term care facilities, and various other health care agencies.

Kiamichi Technology Center- Hugo

The Hugo Campus of Kiamichi Technology Center, like other campuses of the group, strives to create a vibrant learning environment to promote students’ personal growth and professional advancement. Offering many full-time courses in vocational fields like auto collision, diesel technology, health science, practical nursing, etc., the college also follows strong anti-discrimination policies.

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