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Pennsylvania, officially Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, is one of the original 13 American colonies. The state is approximately rectangular and stretches about 300 miles (480 km) from east to west and 150 miles (240 km) from north to south. It is bounded to the north by Lake Erie and New York state; to the east by New York and New Jersey; to the south by Delaware, Maryland, and West Virginia; and to the west by the panhandle of West Virginia and by Ohio. Harrisburg, nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, is the capital. Pennsylvania is classified as a Middle Atlantic state.

The name Pennsylvania comes from William Penn’s Latin description of the state, which means “Penn’s woods”. The original name was Pennsylvania Colony.

The first Pennsylvania census conducted after William Penn established the colony in 1682 showed a population of 4,240 with the following ethnic composition: 2,719 English (41%), 1,681 Irish (27%), 913 Germans (15%), 406 Welsh (6%), 219 Swedish (3%) and 275 “other” (4%).

Pennsylvania’s first industries were fishing, lumbering, farming, manufacturing weapons for the French and Indian Wars. The first European settlers were mostly ethnic Palatine Germans who established small farms. Most of them immigrated to America following the devastating wars of King Louis XIV in the region of present-day southwest Germany. Many of them came from Switzerland, particularly the Canton of Bern after 1640.

Pennsylvania’s second largest group of early settlers were English Quakers followed by large numbers of German Lutherans and other Protestant groups, many nonconformists or dissenters. While most people in Pennsylvania are aware of the state’s early German roots, few realize that by 1800 Pennsylvania had become the second most populous state in the Union. Only Virginia was larger.

Top LPN Schools


Crawford County Career and Technical Center

The College offers various programs including those in health occupations, computer and information sciences, food services, and others. The College provides scholarships for those wishing to pursue a degree. It also has in-school tutoring and a Career Lab that provides useful resources for students. The College keeps nursing aspirants updated through providing latest skills.

Community College of Beaver County

The Community College of Beaver County, located 40 miles west of Pittsburgh, is the top nursing school in Pennsylvania. It offers degrees, certificates and transfer programs along with courses in aviation for high school students. Programs offered at the college are flexible and affordable; it is accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

Greene County Career Technology Center

Greene County Career Technology Center, which was founded in 1969, is an accredited two-year vocational institution. It emphasizes career-oriented education with a curriculum designed to impart skills and knowledge that are desirable to employers. The educational experience at the institution not only provides practical hands-on training but also gives students the opportunity to work in real-world situations in conjunction with clinical practice.

Chester County Intermediate Unit

Chester County Intermediate Unit provides services to 12 school districts in the county. It is amongst 29 regional education agencies set up by the law in Pennsylvania in 1971. More than 86,000 public and nonpublic students are taught in the school with more than 6,000 educators.

Lehigh Carbon Community College

Lackawanna College of Pennsylvania was founded in 1966. It serves 7,000 students from Lackawanna, Luzerne, and Carbon counties. The college offers a wide range of programs, covering almost every dimension from Health Care, Information Technology to Business Administration. Its main campus is at Schnecksville with satellite sites located at Allentown, Tamaqua, and Jim Thorpe. It provides diploma, certificate, and associate degrees in the courses that are part-time, online, or full-time. The institute supports a student-centered environment, maintaining a 18:1 ratio of students and teachers.


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