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The State of Rhode Island is one of the six New England states. It was one of the original 13 states and is one of the smallest. Rhode Island is bounded to the north and east by Massachusetts, to the south by Rhode Island Sound and Block Island Sound of the Atlantic Ocean, and to the west by Connecticut.

Rhode Island is an archipelago, with a total land area of approximately 1,545 square miles (4,000 square kilometers). It is the smallest state in the union—only about 48 miles (77 km) long and 37 miles (60 km) wide.

Rhode Island has three historic counties: Providence County, Newport County, and Washington County. In 1974, part of Washington County was split off to form the separate county of Kent.

The climate in Rhode Island is temperate and humid with a strong maritime influence. January temperatures average about 29°F (-2°C), while July averages near 70°F (21°C). The highest recorded temperature in Rhode Island was 103°F (39°C), and the lowest recorded temperature was -25°F (-32°C).

Rhode Island has a continental climate, with very warm summers and cold winters. The highest recorded temperature in Rhode Island was 103 degrees Fahrenheit (39 degrees Celsius), and the lowest recorded temperature is -25 Fahrenheit (-32 Celsius). Some southern parts of Rhode Island have a semi-tropical climate, where the average annual precipitation is over 50 inches (1,270 millimeters).

Precipitation is fairly evenly distributed throughout the year in most of the state. However, November is typically the driest month, and February or March can be wetter. Spring is typically the wettest season, especially in northern Rhode Island, where rainfall averages over 25 inches (635 millimeters) a month from April to June.

Top LPN Schools


Community College of Rhode Island

Community College of Rhode Island, a public community college with main campus in Warwick, and 5 satellite campuses throughout the state, is a top nursing school in Rhode Island. The college aims to provide complete access to all the students who want to achieve knowledge and skills required for offering the best care to patients. Besides this, the college strives to set high academic standards and offers academic assistance to the students in attaining great heights in their careers.

Lincoln Technical Institute

Lincoln Technical Institute, a for-profit technical institute owned and operated by Lincoln Educational Services Corporation, was established in 1946. LTI's campuses, located in various states of the United States including Georgia, Connecticut, Nevada, New Jersey, Illinois, and Rhode Island, provide associate degrees and certificate programs that prepare students to enter the workforce or transfer to four-year colleges. LTI is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) and promises to deliver qualified students to its employer partners.

Source: https://www.topnursing.org/lpn-programs/rhode-island/

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