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LPN Jobs in SC

South Carolina, one of the 13 original colonies, lies on the southern Eastern Seaboard of the United States. Shaped like an inverted triangle with an east-west base of 285 miles (459 km) and a north-south extent of about 225 miles (360 km), the state is bounded on the north by North Carolina, on the southeast by the Atlantic Ocean, and on the southwest by Georgia. Columbia, located in the center of the state, is the capital and largest city. Settled by the English in 1670, South Carolina had a wealthy, aristocratic, and influential colonial society based on plantation agriculture that relied heavily on slave labor until abolished after the American Civil War (1861-65).

About 55% of the state’s total land area is in farms and other agricultural uses, but only 1.3% is given to commercial farming which produces about one-third of the farm income. The state leads the nation in the production of broilers (young chickens) and tobacco. Forestry products are also important. The principal minerals mined are gold (concentrated in the Upstate); building stone; industrial sand, gravel, and lime; salt; and petroleum. Manufacturing is concentrated in the coastal area of Charleston and also occurs in Greenville, Columbia, Rock Hill (a suburb), Florence (another suburb), and Sumter.

South Carolina has a humid subtropical climate. The average January temperature in Columbia is 39° F (3° C), and the average July temperature is 80° F (27° C). Annual rainfall averages about 54 in. (137 cm), but it can be as much as 81 in. (206 cm) in some parts of the state, especially near the coast. The average number of days per month subject to snowfall is 2, and snow averages about 7 in. (18 cm) annually. Hurricanes are a major natural hazard for the coastal region, which occasionally experiences severe storms and tornadoes as well.

Top LPN Schools


York Technical College

Located in Rock-Hill, this two-year college was established in 1964 and has since been a trusted name in academics. Offering a wide array of diploma, degree, and certificate programs in different fields, it also claims an impressive placement record, with an annual intake of around 5000 students. With an open admission policy for qualified students, the college has a staggering 93% placement record and is credited as one of the top nursing schools in South Carolina.

Orangeburg Calhoun Technical College

The Practical Nurse focuses on basic health science, technical skills, general knowledge, and judgment necessary to organize and provide caring interventions to patients with commonly occurring medical conditions. The PN practices nursing with the guidance of a registered nurse or physician in a variety of health care settings.

Piedmont Technical College

Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, this two-year college has a history of imparting quality education. Since its inception, it has worked on the ethos to provide practical knowledge at an affordable cost, and it provides a wide range of programs to offer. Through its strong student transfer program to over 40 colleges in the state and more than 80 courses, the college ensures that students get the ideal programs and environment that will help them land their dream job.

Trident Technical College

Trident Technical College offers one of the finest LPN programs in the state, with campuses in Charleston and six other locations throughout South Carolina. Trident enrolls more than 15,000 students each year and offers a wide range of courses in numerous fields. The college promotes academic excellence as well as critical thinking and industry-level skills to ensure all-round progress for its students.

Aiken Technical College

Dedicated to providing students with high-quality education and professional training, the college has a strong health and science department that offers accredited LPN programs for aspiring practical nurses.

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