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Memory Care Jobs in GA

Memory care is a specialized form of assisted living designed to help people with Alzheimer's or dementia live safely, with as much independence as possible. Memory care staff members, like those in assisted living facilities, provide meals and help with personal care tasks; but they also understand the unique needs of people who are suffering from memory loss or cognitive decline. They offer more frequent check-ins and use structured routines to help residents remain oriented in time and place.

Community-based memory care facilities provide 24/7 specialized senior care for people with memory loss. Dementia care staff receive regular training to recognize and manage signs of medical conditions related to dementia.

Dementia-specific symptoms, such as sundown syndrome, memory loss or confusion, wandering, aggressive or combative behavior and hallucinations are all prevented and minimized by the staff at memory care facilities. These individuals work with memory care residents to help them preserve their quality of life.

Memory care units designed to accommodate residents with dementia and other forms of cognitive impairment are often independent living facilities, but they are distinct from skilled nursing facilities in that they offer specialized housing and amenities.

24-hour home care can relieve family members of the practical care needs of a loved one with dementia and provide psychological support, but it does not eliminate the stress and emotional burden. The specialist nurse is trained to provide both. People with dementia and their caregivers should be aware that this care poses physical health risks for both, as well.

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