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RN Jobs in MO

Missouri is a state in the United States of America.

To the north is Iowa; to the east, across the Mississippi River, are Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee; to the south, Arkansas; and to the west are Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska. With the exception of Tennessee, Missouri has more neighbors than any other state in the United States. The state is divided by the Missouri River, which flows from Kansas City in the west through Jefferson City, the state capital in the center, and joins the Mississippi River above St. Louis in the east. Missouri is named after a group of indigenous people who lived here during European rallies.

Missouri regularly elects two senators. In even-numbered years, it consists of 11 regionally elected representatives and the President of the United States. Missouri is one of four states with the electoral vote split in two. The Missouri Legislature is the state legislature composed of members elected from Senate districts for four-year terms.

There are 163 representatives and 35 senators in total. It also has the power to override a governor’s veto by a two-thirds vote in each house. The state’s highest court is a nine-judge court that meets in Jefferson City.

Missouri has 114 counties and one independent city (St. Louis). In addition to the common law, Missouri also follows the precedents of zone decisions, which have no state precedent.

Top RN Schools


1. Saint Louis University, St Louis

The SLU School of Nursing ranks among the top nursing colleges in the nation. Social justice is a huge focus at this school. If you’re interested in improving access to quality health care for all, this may be the school for you. This nursing school is a leader in nursing research, too. The school’s Center for Risk Reduction conducts ground-breaking investigations with the potential to limit complications from routine medical procedures. Researchers at the nursing school collaborate with the university’s Center for Health Care Ethics as well as with other universities, government and community agencies, and health care institutions across the nation.

2. University of Missouri - Columbia, Columbia

The Sinclair School of Nursing has a rich history. Established in 1901, Parker Memorial Hospital was the University of Missouri’s first medical facility. Today, Sinclair is known not only for the high quality of its nursing education but also for the excellence of its nursing research. The Office of Research helped to subsidize several innovative projects, including TigerPlace, an initiative allowing local seniors to age in place, and Senior Care, a home health agency managed in part by the nursing school.

3. Missouri State University, Springfield

Missouri State University’s School of Nursing is a standout in the field of community nursing.The school teaches students to view patients’ symptoms as phenomena associated not just with illness but also with a patient’s relationship to his or her environment. In collaboration with Mercy Hospital, the school sponsors an affiliate clinic called the O’Reilly Clinical Health Sciences Center that offers primary care to uninsured, low-income adults between the ages of 18 and 64.

4. Graceland University, Independence

Founded in 1895 by members of the Community of Christ, Graceland University has grown to be a well-regarded, private university with a campus in Independence, Missouri. The School of Nursing is located on that campus. In addition to its campus nursing programs, the school also offers a well-regarded distance learning nursing program. Some of its graduate nursing specialties are only offered online. Graceland includes clinical simulations as part of its curriculum in order to provide students with interactive, practice-based instruction that will help them perfect their critical thinking skills. Clinical labs also give Graceland students the opportunity to practice basic techniques like starting IVs and performing blood draws. Clinical rotations are scheduled at medical facilities throughout Independence and the nearby Kansas City region. Online nursing students participate in practicums with Graceland clinical associates in their own communities.

5. Maryville University of St. Louis, St Louis

The Catherine McAuley School of Nursing, one of the few nursing colleges in Missouri that offers a curriculum specially designed for working adults who can only attend classes during the weekend and evenings, is part of Maryville University. U.S. News & World Report called Maryville University the number one school that “over-performs” according to its academic standing, and it’s true that Maryville is absolutely serious when it comes to going above and beyond to support its students. Forbes and Kiplinger’s rank Maryville in their top lists as well. The university was founded as a girls’ academy in 1872 by the Society of the Sacred Heart, but it welcomes students from all religious backgrounds and Catholicism does not play a large role in its educational philosophy.

Source: https://www.nursingprocess.org/nursing-schools/missouri/

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