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RN Jobs in OK

Oklahoma, often referred to as the “oldest state,” was the 46th state to join the Union on November 16, 1907. The name comes from two words in the Choctaw Indian language: “okla” and “humma”. It means red people. The capital of Oklahoma is Oklahoma City and the largest city is Tulsa.

It was the main place where the Native Americans moved when the Trail of Tears moved from their ancestral lands. The oil boom in Oklahoma in the early 20th century attracted people from all walks of life and contributed to population decline due to the Great Migration. Today, Oklahoma is a mixed, multicultural state with a growing population of Native Americans, whites, and immigrants.

It has one of the largest tribes in the United States (567 federally recognized tribes, including 39 federally recognized Native American tribes), more than any other state in the United States. The state borders are almost identical to the historical territory of India, although some land was transferred to the United States in 1866.

The name “Oklahoma” comes from the Choctaw phrase “okla humma”, which literally means “red people”; usually translated as “red people”. White people first appeared in Oklahoma around 1900.

Oklahoma became the 46th state in 1907 and grew rapidly thanks to its rich farmland and oil discoveries. The early leaders in the area were Democrats, who sent populist politicians to Congress to fight for farm laws, railroad subsidies, free college education, generous veterans’ pensions, and other popular causes. The First World War brought prosperity when the oil fields exploded and the farmers prospered from the crops of grain and cotton.

Top RN Schools


1. University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City

The Fran and Earl Ziegler College of Nursing is located within the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences complex in Oklahoma City. When the Ziegler College of Nursing was founded in 1911, it was a two-year program but later went on to become one of the first nursing schools in OK to offer a four-year baccalaureate degree. The college, which also happens to be the largest nursing school in the Sooner State, is known for its excellent community outreach programs, its cutting-edge research, and the high quality of its clinical nursing instruction. The college also manages the Reynolds Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence, which studies innovative, community-based solutions for aging in place.

2. University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond

The UCO Department of Nursing was started in 1969. The school is located in Oklahoma City and is part of the University of Central Oklahoma. "U.S. News & World Report" ranks UCO as the best public university in the Sooner State. If you're interested in a nursing program where instructors and administrative staff go out of their way to give you any extra support you may need to tackle learning challenges, you should definitely learn more about this school. Student nurses develop hands-on skills such as IV administration and urinary catheterization in a sophisticated simulation laboratory setting that’s located in the 56,000 square-foot STEM Teaching and Research Center.

3. Oklahoma City University - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City University’s Kramer School of Nursing is committed to helping remedy the critical shortage of baccalaureate nurses throughout central Oklahoma and other parts of the southwest. In addition to more traditional graduate and undergraduate programs, the Kramer School has a unique program that enables any student with an RN license to complete a BSN without participating in clinicals even if that student graduated from an unaccredited school. The Kramer School also maintains a unique satellite campus at Duncan Regional Hospital in nearby Stephens County, and up to 25 nursing students are accepted each year to pursue their nursing education goals there.

4. Oklahoma Baptist University, Shawnee

Oklahoma Baptist University is ranked highly by several reputable organizations, including The Princeton Review and Great Value Colleges. OBU is affiliated with the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, and while you do not need to be a Baptist to enroll in its College of Nursing, Baptist teachings—particularly dedication to Christian service—will play an enormous role in the education you’ll receive here. The College of Nursing is housed in the 32,000-square-foot Jane E. and Nick K. Stavros Hall, which contains classrooms, a 109-seat lecture hall, and a computer lab, as well as spaces for students to study, meet and interact with instructors. Stavros Hall also houses a high-tech simulation facility with high fidelity and medium-fidelity labs equipped with 24 hospital beds and a birthing suite, a health assessment skills lab and a home health room.

5. University of Tulsa, Tulsa

The University of Tulsa was founded in 1882 as the Presbyterian School for Girls. Although it retains a loose affiliation with the Presbyterian Church, Christian principles are not a driving force in its educational philosophies. The School of Nursing at the University of Tulsa focuses on graduating professionals who can hit the ground running when they start working in hospitals and community agencies throughout Tulsa and other parts of northern OK. If you’re looking for a nursing program that emphasizes critical thinking and practical solutions to health challenges, this could be the right school for you.

Source: https://www.nursingprocess.org/nursing-schools/oklahoma/

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