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RN Jobs in PA

Pennsylvania, officially the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, was one of the original 13 colonies of the United States. The state is roughly rectangular in shape, about 300 miles (480 kilometers) east-west and 150 miles (240 kilometers) north-south. It borders Lake Erie and New York to the north; New York and New Jersey to the east; Delaware, Maryland, and West Virginia to the south; West Virginia and Ohio to the west. Harrisburg, located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, is the capital.

Pennsylvania is classified as a mid-Atlantic state. The name Pennsylvania comes from William Payne’s Latin description of the state, meaning “Penn’s Woods”. Original name: Pennsylvania Colony.

Pennsylvania’s first census, taken after William Penn established the colony in 1682, showed a population of 4,240 with the following racial composition: 2,719 English (41%), 1,681 Irish (27%), 913 Germans (15%), 406 Welsh (6%). ), 219 Swedes (3%) and 275 “others” (4%). Pennsylvania’s early industries were fishing, lumber, agriculture, and the manufacture of weapons for the war with France and India. The first European settlers were mainly Palatine Germans who established small farms.

Most of them immigrated to the United States after the devastating war of King Louis XIV in what is now southwestern Germany. Many of them came from Switzerland, especially from the canton of Bern after 1640. The second-largest group of early Pennsylvania settlers was English Quakers, followed by large numbers of German Lutherans and other Protestant groups, many nonconformists or dissidents. While most people in Pennsylvania are aware of the state’s early German roots, few realize that by 1800 Pennsylvania was the second most populous state in the Union.

Top RN Schools


1. University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing is ranked tops in Pennsylvania and among the top programs in the nation by U.S. News & World Report, The National Institutes of Health (NIH) and college ranking specialty website College Choice. Nursing care provided by the university is guided by compassion and informed by the very latest evidence-based nursing research. The school was founded in 1939 to help provide medical staff for escalating military actions throughout Europe and Asia. Today, the school has been designated a National Institute of Nursing Research and is one of the top recipients of NIH-funded nursing research.

2. Villanova University, Villanova

Are you an independent thinker who understands that at a time when health care is evolving rapidly, critical thinking may be just as important as clinical assessment when it comes to nursing skills? Then the M. Louis Fitzpatrick College of Nursing at Villanova University may have a lot to offer you. The school is associated with a number of community health initiatives like the Center for Global & Public Health and the MacDonald Center for Obesity Prevention and Education. The National League for Nursing has chosen this nursing school in PA to be a Center of Excellence in Nursing Education. Though Villanova University admits students from all religious backgrounds, its nursing school reflects the values of the Augustinian friars who founded the university. Students are taught to deliver care with love, mindfulness and compassion.

3. Duquesne University, Pittsburgh

The School of Nursing at Duquesne University has been honored by the National League for Nursing as a Center of Excellence. The school's recognition is based on its nursing program, which was jump-started in the 1920s when members of the Catholic Hospital Association of Pittsburgh believed that nurses needed more education than existing hospital-based diploma schools could provide. Today, Duquesne consistently ranks among the top U.S. nursing schools in ratings from "U.S. News & World Report." The school also has been cited as one of the most military-friendly nursing schools. Its administrative offices are in Libermann Hall, as is its Learning and Simulation Center, which offers students opportunities to learn experientially through practice with computerized manikins that exhibit a range of human physiologic responses, including heart sounds, lung sounds, bowel sounds and pupil dilation.

4. University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

The School of Nursing @ University of Pennsylvania is the best nursing program in the world. It has ranked at the top of publisher Elsevier’s QS World University ratings for nursing three years in a row and is also a leader in education and research. Five highly regarded research centers are located here, including the Office of Nursing Research, the Center for Global Women’s Health, the Center for Health Outcomes and Policy Research, the Barbara Bates Center for the Study of the History of Nursing and the NewCourtland Center for Transitions and Health. In 2014, the School of Nursing received approximately $480 million from grants from The National Institutes of Health (NIH), making it one of the most highly funded nursing research centers in the U.S.

5. Drexel University, Philadelphia

Drexel University College of Nursing and Health Professions, part of the School of Nursing and Health Professions, is located at 1601 Cherry Street, Philadelphia. The college oversees many clinics and wellness centers that allow students ample opportunities to put theory into practice. The Bayada Award is an annual event that honors technological innovation in nursing education and practice. The 2,300-square-foot clinical space on the 10th floor of the college’s main building at 1601 Cherry Street in downtown Philadelphia can be easily transformed to resemble a variety of acute care environments. Students also have access to 10 simulation suites. Student nurses learn clinical skills side by side with college colleagues who are studying to become physician assistants, physical therapists or behavioral health therapists.

Source: https://www.nursingprocess.org/nursing-schools/pennsylvania/

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