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RN Jobs in Bountiful, UT

Registered Nurses (RNs)

An RN or registered nurse is a trained nursing professional who assists doctors in surgery by monitoring vitals and administering medication. RNs are responsible for the welfare of their patients in hospitals, nursing homes, private clinics and doctors' offices. An RN determines which treatments are needed to heal or ease symptoms when caring for patients.

An RN uses various diagnostic tools and medical equipment to assess a patient's health. RNs also manage the hygiene of patients, including changing dressings and catheterization. RNs may work at a private clinic or doctor's office or in a hospital setting where they spend time performing duties such as taking vital signs, monitoring intravenous therapy and operating diagnostic equipment like x-ray machines. RNs also monitor patients who are on ventilators, assist with surgery and provide bedside care.

RNs work long hours, including nights, weekends and holidays. RNs are required to have an RN license before practicing in the United States. RN licenses are regulated by the NLC (National League for Nursing) which is responsible for setting RN standards and requirements for RN licensure.

About Bountiful

Bountiful is a city in Davis County, Utah, United States. At the 2010 census, the city's population was 42,552, up 3% from 41,301 in 2000. The city grew rapidly during suburban growth in the late 1940s, 1950s and 1960s and was the largest city in Davis County until it was overtaken by Layton in 1985. Bountiful is the 15th largest city in Utah. Although part of the Ogden-Clearfield Metropolitan Statistical Area, it is a bedroom community in and around Salt Lake City.

However, because of the very narrow access to Salt Lake County, interconnected roads often outpace traffic near the grid during peak hours. The FrontRunner commuter railroad has been operating since April 2008, and the Legacy Parkway opened on September 13, 2008.

They were built to facilitate traffic on Interstate 15 through the Plenty District.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the city has a total area of ​​13.5 square miles (34.9 square kilometers), all land. The original part of the city and downtown lies at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains, which rise to the east and rule the city. Most residential areas are located on slopes. To the west is a plain that extends to the Great Salt Lake and surrounding mudflats and swamps. Affluent areas include Val Verda in the south of the city.

Cities surrounding Bountiful include: North Salt Lake in the south, Woods Cross and West Bountiful in the west, and Centreville in the north. Much of the land east of Bountiful is owned by the U.S. Forest Service. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that 44,708 people lived in Bountiful in 2016.

The racial makeup of the county was 89.5% Non-Hispanic White, 0.4% Black, 0.4% Native American, 1.4% Asian, and 2.1% from two or more races. Lakeview Hospital is a hospital located in Bountiful.

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