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RN Jobs in Clearfield, UT

Registered Nurses (RNs)

An RN or registered nurse is a trained nursing professional who assists doctors in surgery by monitoring vitals and administering medication. RNs are responsible for the welfare of their patients in hospitals, nursing homes, private clinics and doctors' offices. An RN determines which treatments are needed to heal or ease symptoms when caring for patients.

An RN uses various diagnostic tools and medical equipment to assess a patient's health. RNs also manage the hygiene of patients, including changing dressings and catheterization. RNs may work at a private clinic or doctor's office or in a hospital setting where they spend time performing duties such as taking vital signs, monitoring intravenous therapy and operating diagnostic equipment like x-ray machines. RNs also monitor patients who are on ventilators, assist with surgery and provide bedside care.

RNs work long hours, including nights, weekends and holidays. RNs are required to have an RN license before practicing in the United States. RN licenses are regulated by the NLC (National League for Nursing) which is responsible for setting RN standards and requirements for RN licensure.

About Clearfield

Clearfield is a city in Davis County, Utah, United States. Clearfield is a major city in the Ogden-Clearfield, Utah Metropolitan Statistical Area, which includes all counties in Davis, Morgan, and Weber counties. Clearfield has a total area of ​​7.8 square miles (20.1 square kilometers) and a population of 30,112 at the time of the 2010 census, making it the third-largest city in Davis County after Layton and Bountiful.

This creates a population density of 1498.1 inhabitants per square kilometer or 3860.5 inhabitants per square mile. Clearfield's average elevation is 4,327 feet (1,320 m). The lowest point within the city limits is 4,314 feet (1,315 m) at the intersection of 1000 West and Antelope Avenue to the west of the city, and the highest point is 4,711 feet (1,436 m) to the northeast.

A corner of the city, but it's actually located at Hill Air Force Base along with its hometown of Constitution Street. The city is located in north-central Davis County. The county is bounded by the Great Salt Lake to the west and the Wasatch Rocky Mountains to the east, although none of these major natural attractions are within city limits. Clearfield's neighborhoods are Sunset to the north, Clinton to the northwest, Syracuse and West Point to the west, Layton to the south and east, and Hill Air Force Base to the northeast.

There are no large lakes and rivers in the city. There are several small ponds, mostly on parks or private property.

The only significant waterway in the city is the Weber and Davis Canal along the city's eastern and northeastern border, which extends both north and south of the city limits. The Clearfield Canal Trail runs parallel to the canal for part of the route through Clearfield. Great Salt Lake is separated from Clearfield City by swamps, mudflats, and the cities in between.

The metabolic activity of bacteria in the lake causes a phenomenon known as "lake odor," a sulfur-like odor that persists for several hours once or twice a year.

The highest peaks visible from Clearfield City are Deseret Peak in Tooele County at 11,031 feet (3,362 m), Ben Lomond Peak in Weber County at 9,712 feet (2,960 m), and Thurston Peak west of Clearfield at altitude 9706 feet (2958 m). ). Ben Lomond Peak and Thurston Peak are located in the Wasatch Mountain Range. The Wasatch Fault, located at the western foot of the Wasatch Mountains, is considered late for a magnitude 7.5 earthquake. In the event of an earthquake, catastrophic damage is expected with massive damage from the liquefaction of clay and sandy soils.

The strongest earthquake in the past near the city of Clearfield occurred on December 7, 1967, 21.5 miles (34.6 km) from Park City, Utah, with a recorded magnitude of 4.3. Wasatch Base is an ancient base on Lake Bonneville that existed at the end of the last Ice Age. Several shores of Lake Bonneville can be clearly seen at the base of the hill or on the ledges of the nearby hills.

The City of Clearfield has many informal communities, most of which are commercial or industrial rather than residential. In the southwest part of the city there is a large industrial center called the Freeport Centre and Clearfield Employment Corps. Located near one of northern Utah's largest industrial centers, Job Corps can provide on-the-job training for many of its programs.

Freeport Center began as Naval Station Clearfield in the 1940s but closed in 1962 and private companies began to move in. South Clearfield is a residential area known for being the southernmost refuge in the city. It is isolated from other residential areas in Clearfield, Freeport City Center, and other commercial properties, and is surrounded by other cities on 3 of the 4 sides of the area. The presence of Hill Air Force Base helped create two commercial districts.

Falcon Hill, a planned 550-acre development to the west and southwest of the site, will be on federally leased land, but all facilities and buildings will be open to the public anywhere outside the site's fence line. This is a planned aerospace research facility with space inside and outside the fenced baseline. It contains many different commercial spaces and commercial offices in numerous office buildings.

All communities are easily accessible via Interstate 15, which runs north-south through the eastern edge of the city.

Some of the largest employers in the state and Davis County are based in Clearfield: Hill Air Force Base, Lifetime Products, Utility Trailer Manufacturing, Alliant Techsystems, Clearfield Task Force (MTC), Futura Industries Corporation, and Smith Sport Optics, Inc Freeport. Freeport Center is a production, warehouse, and distribution center. It includes over 70 national and local companies employing over 7,000 people. Downtown Freeport has an excellent road and rail network and is only 20 miles from the Salt Lake City International Airport.

Legend Hills Legend Hills is an office complex in northern Davis County. On the east side of Clearfield, at the junction with Interstate 15.

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