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The river defines Kentucky’s borders, except to the south, where it shares a nearly straight line with Tennessee for about 425 miles (685 km), and the southeast has a rugged, mountainous border with Virginia. The Tag and Big Sandy Rivers, which flow mainly to the northwest, separate Kentucky from West Virginia to the east and northeast. To the north, Kentucky’s border runs along the Ohio River to the Mississippi, where it meets Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois along the way. The Mississippi River marks Kentucky’s short southwest border with Missouri.

The capital Frankfurt is located between the two main cities: Louisville, which is located on the Ohio River, and Lexington. Kentucky was home to various Native Americans for a long time until the arrival of Daniel Boone and other European frontiersmen in 1769. Its name possibly comes from an Iroquois word meaning “prairie”.

By 1792, when Kentucky was admitted as the 15th state of the Union, the first west of the Appalachians, it had attracted almost 73,000 settlers. By 1800 this had grown to about 220,000 and included about 40,000 slaves.

Kentucky conjures up countless contrasting images: coal mines, bourbon (named after the county where bourbon is produced), mountain climbers, bootleggers (illegal brewers), colonels in white robes, and on summer balconies Ladies sipping mint, horse breeders and the Kentucky Derby. Oddly enough, Kentucky is a mix of different regions and characters. The rolling bluegrass countryside surrounding Lexington, with its seemingly endless white fences, paddocks, tobacco fields and pastures, suggests a quiet, stately way of life, more reminiscent of Kentucky’s ties to the antebellum South, while Not a reflection of the state’s fast-paced location. Dynamic economies in industrialized countries.

In contrast, northern Kentucky, with its predominantly German heritage, suburban development pattern, and Cincinnati, Ohio’s subway orientation, is reminiscent of the state’s connection to the urban north. Kentucky has always existed in the middle: as a promising state, as a crossroads for westward expansion, and as a territory divided during the American Civil War (1861-65). In fact, Civil War presidents Abraham Lincoln of the Union and Jefferson Davis of the opposing Confederacy were both born in Kentucky.

Top RN Schools


1. University of Kentucky, Lexington

UK College of Nursing: The University of Kentucky’s College of Nursing was founded in 1957 in response to the state’s nursing shortage. It continues to this day, so part of Kentucky Nursing’s mission is to educate nurses who will be the next generation of bedside caregivers, nursing researchers, and health care policymakers throughout the Bluegrass State. The college is housed in the university’s Chandler Medical Center, which is located in the heart of downtown Lexington.

2. Bellarmine University, Louisville

Bellarmine University, founded in 1950 by the Catholic Archdiocese of Louisville, educates students from many different religious backgrounds in its School of Nursing and Clinical Sciences. The school prepares students to look at health care delivery from a global perspective. This is an excellent nursing school in KY for anyone to attend who’s seriously interested in tackling health care disparities and who wants to devote his or her career to improving health care outcomes for members of underserved communities.

3. Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond

Eastern Kentucky University was founded in 1874 as a teachers’ training school. The Military Times and Forbes Magazine have singled out this university for special commendation. EKU understands that one of the most important reasons why you’re exploring nursing as an option is because it promises you a stable, financially rewarding future. The EKU Baccalaureate and Graduate Nursing Department will lay the educational groundwork for a successful career that you can take in many different directions. Graduates of EKU’s nursing department are particularly popular choices among members of the armed forces who are participating in Nurse Enlisted Commissioning Programs.

4. Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green

Western Kentucky University's School of Nursing was founded in 1962 to help resolve the chronic nursing shortage in the Bluegrass State. The school believes that a sound liberal arts education builds the foundation for professional nursing practice and the application of critical thinking skills. In addition to basic bedside skills, nurses in these nursing programs are taught to identify the nexus of biological, economic, and environmental factors that may be impacting their patients' health statuses in negative ways. WKU is partnering with the University of Kentucky on a Bowling Green regional medical campus, which will undoubtedly play an important role in the education of future nursing students at this university.

5. University of Louisville, Louisville

Originally chartered in 1798, the University of Louisville is one of the oldest public institutions of higher learning in the U.S. If you want to become part of a health care team dedicated to improving wellness in urban centers, the UofL School of Nursing has a lot to offer. The school is a noted nursing research center; faculty research interests include patient safety, infection control, diabetes self-management, arthritis self-management, and chronic illnesses in adolescents. In 2015, the school received grants from the National Institutes of Health and the National Institute on Aging totaling more than $2,400,000.

Source: https://www.nursingprocess.org/nursing-schools/kentucky/

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