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Maine is the northeastern-most state of the contiguous United States. It is known for its scenery – deep forests, rocky mountains, sandy beaches – as well as its seafood cuisine, especially lobsters and clams.
Mainers call their home “The Pine Tree State” or “Vacationland.” The latter refers to Maine’s status as a popular vacation destination, attracting over 15 million tourists each year.

Mainers are the kinds of people who have strong feelings about their state. They are fiercely independent and can be quite blunt, so it’s best not to attempt small talk unless you know them well.

Maine is bordered by Canada to the north, New Hampshire to the west, and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. It’s known for its rocky coastline and picturesque mountains like Mount Katahdin (known as “Ktaadn” in Abenaki). The highest point in Maine is 3,483-foot (1,062 m) Mt. Washington; it is one of several peaks over 6,000 feet (1,800 m) within a relatively small area known as the Presidential Range.

The Appalachian Trail runs through Maine and culminates at Mount Katahdin. This state park has long been considered the northern terminus of the trail. However, thru-hikers now must hike southbound from Georgia to Maine to complete their journey.

The Maine countryside is rural and forested, with small farms dotting the valleys between mountains. The state is a popular vacation destination for fishing, hunting, camping, snowmobiling and skiing in winter, and hiking and boating in summer. There are also several large military bases located here to take advantage of Maine’s rugged coastline.

Maine is also a leader in the US lobster industry, which brings nearly $300 million to the state’s economy each year.

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Maine College of Health Professions

Offering a RN to Bachelor of Science degree in addition to the Associate Degree in Nursing and RNs will be allowed to reduce their time in RN program.

This is according to an agreement between MCHP and MaineGeneral Health, which will allow nurses who earned their RN degree at MaineGeneral or another accredited institution to apply for admission into the Bachelor of Science degree program. According to Leslie Leard, RN-BC director of nursing the agreement stemmed from a request by MaineGeneral's administration who were concerned with the shortage of RNs in the state.

Leard said that if they are able to successfully complete all requirements, RNs will be awarded a bachelor's degree at no additional cost to RNs.

This RN to Bachelor of Science degree program is a hybrid of classroom and online learning, with the final clinical capstone course being completed at Maine General.

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