City Content – NR Nampa Idaho

Registered Nurses in Nampa Use Nursa™ to Grow Their Income

It continues to be true that the hourly compensation rates for nurses who work per diem shifts are typically higher than that of the average hourly rate for normally scheduled employees. When facilities have staffing shortages that they can’t cover, they turn to Nursa™ to find skilled registered nurses (RNs) to fill the gaps. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, RNs in Idaho earn an average hourly rate at $33.40 or $69,480 per year.

Earning more by working PRN shifts isn’t the only benefit, however. The freedom to choose when you work and where is unique and allows you to wind your work life around that of your personal life instead of the alternative that is more typical. Sharpen less used skills by picking up a shift in a different medical setting or work towards a new certification by selecting shifts that can count as contact hours. Make meaningful connections with other clinicians in other facilities that can be valuable to your career.

Our smartphone application allows RNs to browse hundreds of PRN opportunities nearby. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll create your own professional digital portfolio including your nursing license and any certifications which will all be securely stored in the app to be shared securely and directly with facilities when you apply for a PRN shift.

Nampa Nurses Love Treasure Valley

Nampa is a suburb of Boise, but far enough away that you know it’s its own city. It’s a friendly community with a population of around 100,000, and residents are proud that it’s clean and affordable. Its geographic location as part of the Treasure Valley means that in the great outdoors there is always something to do.

Nampa residents enjoy snow sports in the winter months by hitting nearby ski resorts or snowshoeing in the hiking trails. Hiking, mountain biking, and boating take over in the warmer months. Good shopping, dining, and entertainment options are plenty, but when you want the city experience, Boise is just a short drive away.