RN job in San Antonio, Texas | Pediatric, Emergency Room

Start Date
Aug 16th 2021
Job duration
91 weeks / 36 hours
Weeks and Shifts per week
91 Weeks / 3 Shifts per Week
Shift Details
Number of weeks and hours per week
91 weeks / 36 hours
Childrens Emergency Room
Housing Stipend
Meal Stipend
Facility name
Facility address
7700 Floyd Curl Dr, San Antonio, TX, 78229-3902
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CNAs, LPNs, & RNs Love Per Diem Jobs in the Lone Star State

If you are a registered nurse (RN), licensed practical nurse (LPN), or a certified nursing assistant (CNA) and haven’t yet entered the world of high-paying PRN jobs yet, then it’s time to dive right in. Per diem rates are higher than your typical hourly wage for full-time or part-time employees, and working PRN can advance your career. If you’re asking yourself, “what is PRN?” the answer is relatively simple. PRN is the medical abbreviation for working per diem, or as needed. PRN RN, LPN, and CNA jobs at Texas facilities near you can be located and landed all by using our per diem nursing app.

Those facilities in cities, suburbs, and even rural areas across the state of Texas, post jobs with Nursa™, for our community of medical professionals to browse through and select the PRN shifts that fit their needs. We’ve made it easy for you, dive into the world of PRN nursing in four simple steps: Download the app, create your digital professional portfolio, browse PRN jobs, and land PRN jobs.

There’s More Than the Cowboy Life in Texas

Not all our nurses and assistants in Texas are cowboys and cowgirls (although a high percentage of them probably have at least one pair of cowboy boots in the closet). Sure, Texans are known for their drawl and the cowboy life pictured in Hollywood movies, but there’s a lot more on offer. Regular downtime activities for residents include:

  • Live Music – Be it in a local bar, a big concert venue, or one of the many music festivals; live music can be found just about anywhere.
  • Football – In Texas any football game is a big deal, be it the community high school game, any of the university teams, and of course the professional teams.
  • Watersports – Texas not only has a coastline on both sides, but Lake Travis is a favorite spot for tubing, boating, and water skis, and rafting, kayaking or canoeing on the Rio Grande through the Santa Elena Canyon is another must.
  • Hiking – There are more than 100 national or state parks in this state, Big Bend National Park is undoubtedly the largest and offers over 150 miles of trails.
  • Rock-climbing – Hueco Tanks is another park popular for hiking, but it’s world-famous to rock climbers, both amateur and professional.

Facilities Rely on Nursa™ to fill RN, LPN, and CNA Jobs in Texas

Facilities near and far rely on Nursa™ to meet their staffing needs. Register today and see for yourself the possibilities for PRN that can be found all in an app on your smartphone. Choose your setting, and choose your schedule. You’ll see PRN shifts in real-time available in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and more. We make it easy, while your work makes it possible.

Why RNs, LPNs, and CNAs Love Working in Pediatrics

pediatric nurse working closely with young patient

For clinicians who love working with children and have a passion for nursing, there is arguably no better specialty than the field of pediatrics. Many other specialties focus on certain types of illnesses, certain methods of treatments, or are reactions to fix or heal an issue. Pediatrics does all those things, but there is one more component to pediatrics that is perhaps less obvious and yet just as important. The field of pediatrics expends considerable effort in prevention from infant to teenage years.

Where Do Pediatric Nurses Work?

A better question may be, where don’t they work? Pediatric RNs, LPNS, and nursing assistants can work wherever children receive medical care. This means, children’s hospitals, doctors’ offices, schools, community hospitals, and healthcare clinics. Nursa™ is the go-to for these facilities to find pediatric clinicians to work PRN shifts when they need them most. While clinicians know that with Nursa™ they can find the highest paying RN jobs, LPN jobs, and CNA jobs for on-demand work.

What Does a Pediatric Nurse Do?

A pediatric nurse is specialized to provide care for humans from birth to adulthood. Depending on the work setting, pediatric nurses put a lot of focus on well-being, prevention, and education. Some pediatric nurses will find themselves administering immunizations, blood draws, conducting physical and emotional assessments, and dressing wounds among other things.

Because the specialty of Pediatrics is so wide and varied, there are often opportunities for sub-specializing as well. Pediatric nurses are often employed in Emergency Departments, Telemetry, Endocrinology, Surgical Units (Operating Rooms), and more.

Recommended Certifications for Pediatric Nurses

Some of these certifications will be preferred while others may be required by certain facilities. Obtaining these certifications as you qualify for them will add professionalism to your digital portfolio in Nursa™.

  • Certified Pediatric Nurse (CPN)
  • Basic Life Support (BLS)
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)

Fundamental Characteristics to Successful Pediatric Nurses

A pediatric nurse must be able to adjust their communication style to meet the verbal and emotional needs of their pediatric patients. A gentle and calm demeanor will build trust with children, while positivity and patience inevitably will be required as well. The ability to have fun is not often listed as a requirement for a nursing position, yet nurses who both possess and engage this quality will find it crucial to their success with their patients. Additionally, communicating with family members is a large part of a pediatric nurse’s role and requires compassion and empathy.

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