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Long Term Care
Start Date
Aug 2nd 2021
Job duration
91 weeks / 36 hours
Weeks and Shifts per week
91 Weeks / 3 Shifts per Week
Shift Details
Number of weeks and hours per week
91 weeks / 36 hours
Housing Stipend
Meal Stipend
Facility name
Facility address
2420 G St, Belleville, KS, 66935-2400
Facility number of beds
No jobs found
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Find Out Why so Many Nurses & CNAs Enjoy Working in LTC Facilities

Nursing has been the most-trusted profession for several years in a row. Nurses are a special breed of healthcare professionals and the public looks to them to take care of the most vulnerable populations when they need it most.

Nurses who work in the long-term care nursing specialty are trusted to take care of a largely elderly population. Nurses and CNAs who work in LTC facilities are able to connect with their patients in ways that nurses in other settings are unable to. LTC nurses work with the same set of patients each shift, which gives them time to form rapport and get to know the patients and their families well.

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What is Long-Term Care (LTC)?

Some patients require an extended period of time to manage their illnesses or injuries. The nurses and assistants who take care of patients while they receive care for an extended period of time are known as long-term care nurses and CNAs. Some patients require months, others require years or even their remaining lives.

Elderly populations are the first that come to mind when you think about long-term care nursing. They certainly make up a large percentage of the patients in long-term care, and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), LTC nurses are expected to rise in demand, dramatically, as the baby boomer generation continues to age.

What Do Long-Term Care Nurses and Assistants Do?

Nurses working in long-term care settings do not always have the support of a physician or other ancillary healthcare professionals, i.e. pharmacists, dieticians, etc. Therefore, long-term term care nurses often work independently to provide clinical care to residents. They rely on their team that usually consists of LPNs, RNs, and CNAs.

LTC nurses and assistants are responsible for providing the day-to-day needs of the patient, the operation of the medical facility, supervision of staff, delegation of tasks to unlicensed personnel, assessment of medical care progress and outcomes, and the delivery of excellent customer service to patients and family members.

Where Do Long-Term Care Nurses Work?

CNAs, LPNs, and RNs can find LTC nursing jobs at assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Assisted living facilities are places where people who only require very minimal assistance or a level of supervision go for care. Nursing homes are able to provide higher levels of care and assistance.

What are the Characteristics of a Good LTC Nurse?

The long-term care specialty is not for everyone. Nurses and CNAs who have excellent observation and assessment skills do well in this specialty. LTC nurses are usually the patient’s first line of defense and need to be quick in assessing changes in a condition that may require further medical attention.

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