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Psychiatric Unit Nurse
Start Date
Aug 9th 2021
Job duration
91 weeks / 36 hours
Weeks and Shifts per week
91 Weeks / 3 Shifts per Week
Shift Details
Number of weeks and hours per week
91 weeks / 36 hours
Psychiatric Unit
Housing Stipend
Meal Stipend
Facility name
Facility address
3901 S 7th St, Terre Haute, IN, 47802-5709
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No jobs found
There's currently no openings at this facility. Would you like to be notified when there are jobs here?

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Behavioral Health Nurses Work Hard: Learn More About this Nursing Specialty

Psychiatric unit nurses encounter people with a wide variety of mental and behavioral disorders; including persons dealing with substance abuse, eating disorders, both temporary and chronic mental illnesses. They provide care for children, teens, and adults from all backgrounds, cultures, and socioeconomic statuses

psychiatric nurse taking care of patient

Psychiatric units use Nursa™ as a nurse staffing solution to fill shift PRN jobs and cover for call-ins. Appropriate staffing levels in these facilities are integral to providing quality care, hence you can find RN jobs, LPN jobs, and CNA jobs for PRN shifts in a variety of settings on Nursa™.

Where Does a Psychiatric Unit Nurse Work?

Psychiatric hospitals, veterans hospitals, substance abuse hospitals, community mental health centers, correctional facilities, schools, rehabilitation centers, long-term-care centers among others, are all settings in which a psychiatric nurse may find PRN shifts through Nursa™.

What Does a Psychiatric Unit Nurse Do?

A behavioral health nurse is responsible for assessing the mental, emotional, and physical health of their patients. They collaborate with other clinicians and psychiatrists by providing information and documentation of observations on patient progress. Additionally, they determine when a patient is a danger to self or others which at times may include interventions or restraining techniques. Some psych nurses take on more of the role of advocacy as our society continues to grapple with the stigma that is unfortunately attached to mental health issues.

Recommended Certifications for Psychiatric Nurses

Nursing in the field of psychiatry may require some certifications, and employers may include others on a list of preferred. Some of these listed certifications would aide nurses who have an interest in sub-specializing. Be sure to make your current certifications a part of your digital portfolio on Nursa™ as they may also give you a competitive edge for the higher paying shifts.

  • Basic Life Support
  • Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI)
  • Certified Addictions Registered Nurse (CARN)
  • Correctional Behavioral Health Certification (CBHC)
  • PMHCNS-BC Adult Psychiatric-Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • PMHCNS-BC Child/Adolescent Psychiatric-Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist

Crucial Qualities of a Successful Psychiatric Unit Nurse

Emotional resilience, compassion, and patience are key in the success of a behavioral health nurse due to the unfortunate fact that substance abuse issues, eating disorders, and mental illness are often issues that reappear over the span of a person’s life. It is not uncommon to have patients with dual diagnoses of substance abuse and mental illness therefore, strong critical thinking skills are required to address those complexities.

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