Per diem LPN jobs in Orem, Utah

Pay: $29.00 - $35.00/hr

  • Location: Orem, Utah
  • Shift time: Day, Night and Noc
  • Start date: Oct 2021

Why We Pay $29.00 - $35.00/hr

At Nursa, we typically pay LPNs $29.00 - $35.00/hr , which is much higher than the national average of $23.47/hr*

US Average: $23.47/hr* x 40 hours = $938.80 per week

Nursa Starting At: $29.00/hr x 40 hours = $1,160.00 week

*According to 2020 Bureau of Labor Statistics

How It Works

When healthcare facilities can’t fill a shift internally, they post it to Nursa where you can pick up the shift and earn top pay.

Everyday, Nursa clinicians fill per diem LPN shifts for healthcare facilities throughout Utah and the United States. Apply now to see more available shifts and start filling your schedule.

  • Top pay
  • Paid weekly
  • Work when, where and how much you want
  • Work for yourself

Additional Job Details

  • License: LPN
  • Specialty: Multiply
  • Type: Per Diem
  • Start Date: Oct 2021
  • Shift Time: Day, Night and Noc
  • Shift Length: 8, 10 and 12 hours
  • Address: Orem, Utah

Per Diem Nursing Shifts in Orem, UT for LPNs Available with Nursa™

Licensed practical nurses (LPNs) who are looking for ways to enhance their careers, looking for a change-up in their work-life, or thinking about getting back into the industry after a break can use Nursa™ to do any one of those things. Hospitals, medical centers, home health, and long term care facilities are all facing nursing staffing shortages. In response, they seek to use PRN staff to fill those vacancies, often offering higher hourly compensation than typical. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that LPNs in the Orem area earn on average $46,670 annually or $22.44 per hour alternatively.

In addition to increasing your income potential, the opportunity to work in a new setting is beneficial to your nursing career as well. New work settings mean learning new skills, and undoubtedly making valuable connections with other experienced clinicians that can develop into unknown career opportunities down the road. Moreover, PRN work means you have the power to say yes to work, and no. Organize your work schedule the way you want it; around your special life events and routines instead of the other way around.

Our smartphone application makes finding PRN shifts when you want them and where you want them, easy. Create your own digital professional portfolio complete with a resume, your license, certifications, and other compliance documents to be securely stored and ready for you to share directly with the facility when you apply for a PRN shift through the app.

Our LPNs Are Happy in Orem

Orem is a small city suburb of Provo, with a population of 100,000 residents. Young professionals and families make up a large portion of this community in part because of its quality schools, university, and safety. Nearby ski resorts, the Utah Lake just to the west, and hiking trails just outside city limits on all sides mean there’s never a shortage of outdoor activities no matter the season. There’s always something to do in Orem.

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