Per diem RN jobs in San Antonio, Texas

Pay: $45.00 - $50.00/hr

  • Location: San Antonio, Texas
  • Shift time: Day, Night and Noc
  • Start date: Sep 2021

Why We Pay $45.00 - $50.00/hr

At Nursa, we typically pay RNs $45.00 - $50.00/hr , which is much higher than the national average of $36.22/hr*

US Average: $36.22/hr* x 40 hours = $1,448.80 per week

Nursa Starting At: $45.00/hr x 40 hours = $1,800.00 week

*According to 2020 Bureau of Labor Statistics

How It Works

When healthcare facilities can’t fill a shift internally, they post it to Nursa where you can pick up the shift and earn top pay.

Everyday, Nursa clinicians fill per diem RN shifts for healthcare facilities throughout Utah and the United States. Apply now to see more available shifts and start filling your schedule.

  • Top pay
  • Paid weekly
  • Work when, where and how much you want
  • Work for yourself

Additional Job Details

  • License: RN
  • Specialty: Multiply
  • Type: Per Diem
  • Start Date: Sep 2021
  • Shift Time: Day, Night and Noc
  • Shift Length: 8, 10 and 12 hours
  • Address: San Antonio, Texas

Get Paid Well with PRN Nursing Jobs for RNs in Texas

Per diem shifts have long been known to offer higher than average wage compensation for nurses, but the issue has been establishing contacts with facilities to find those PRN shifts. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, RNs in the San Antonio area earn an average annual wage of $72,410 or an average hourly wage of $34.81. With Nursa™ , hundreds of high-paying PRN shifts for registered nurses (RNs) are made available by browsing them on our smartphone application. We have PRN shifts from a variety of settings: hospitals, long term care centers, medical centers, surgery centers, and skilled nursing facilities. All these facilities are looking for qualified RNs to help out with their nursing shortages.

Once you’ve downloaded our application, create your professional digital portfolio and verify your nursing license, you can browse and apply for PRN shifts that fit with your schedule and your career desires. Gain work experience and contact hours towards a new specialty or certification without waiting for a new full-time position to open up. Take control over your work schedule by working when you want, and where you want. Create valuable networking contacts with other experienced nurses and administrative staff to benefit your future career path. All of these benefits can be yours by teaming up with Nursa™ .

The Benefits of RNs Living in San Antonio Experience

San Antonio is a large city, and as such you might assume commuting to work is a hassle. However, the city is considerably less congested with traffic issues than its sister cities have, it has no toll roads, it has public transportation in most of the city’s central areas, and over 130 miles of bicycle paths and a bike-sharing program.

San Antonio also boasts a delicious cuisine scene. As you might expect, the tex-mex food scene offers residents amazing dining options from small street corner shops to chef-inspired menus in fine dining restaurants. The city’s cost of living is slightly lower than that of the national average, and the housing market considered more affordable than other cities of its size. Combined with the lack of state income tax, your RN earnings can go further in San Antonio.

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