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Registered Nurses in Chandler Take Control of their Careers with Nursa™

Working per diem shifts on the side as a way to earn a little more in a week is only one of the many ways that downloading Nursa™ helps registered nurses (RNs) take control over their careers. RNs in the state of Arizona earn $78,330 on average per year, or $37.66 on average per hour according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. When RNs start working PRN with Nursa™, they find that not only are they typically earning a higher hourly rate, but they are diversifying their work profile as well.

Hundreds of PRN shifts in real time right now are available for RNs in the Chandler area. Shifts can be found in hospitals, medical centers, long term care facilities, home health and more. RNs don’t have to be trapped into one work setting and one position. Selecting shifts that get you the work experience you want, and moreover set you up to learn new skills or sharpen older ones can be done easily with Nursa™. Organize your work life around the needs and desires of your personal life and work when and where you want.

With our smartphone application, you’ll create a professional work portfolio that can be digitally shared with facilities when you apply through the app for a PRN shift. You can browse shifts near you, ask questions or get assistance with our in-app chat, and do it all with the touch of your finger.

Our Registered Nurses Love Chandler

Chandler is home to around 250,000 residents and while it isn’t a big city, it doesn’t lack for entertainment, arts, and diversity. The city has beautiful public parks, a symphony orchestra, museums, an exciting restaurant scene and a large theatre that routinely hosts ballet, live music, and performance theater for adults and kids alike. This is a safe city with good public schools, a thriving job market, and it is more affordable than its Phoenix and Scottsdale compatriots.