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Find Out What Working PRN is & Why RNs Love Houston

We’re changing the PRN nursing landscape by transforming it from a system reliant on lists and last-minute phone calls, to a system that runs seamlessly in real-time on your smartphone. Within the Nursa™ app, registered nurses can create a professional digital portfolio and have it ready to send directly to facilities when applying for a PRN shift.

Thousands of PRN jobs at Houston hospitals, medical centers, long term care centers are posted in real-time every day with Nursa™ . The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that registered nurses in Houston, TX and the surrounding area earn an average annual wage of $81,350 or an average hourly wage of $39.11. RNs can earn more by working PRN because per diem shifts are often compensated at a higher rate than the typical hourly wage of a full-time employee. With Nursa™ , it’s easier than ever to find those high-paying PRN jobs.

Registered Nurses are Happy with PRN Jobs in Houston

Enjoying the big city life of Houston is easy for our resident nurses. Living in one of the biggest cities in the U.S. offers amenities, diversity, cultural arts, festivals, fascinating museums, and more all within a large expanse of space. Houston not only is one of the biggest cities per population but also spreads out to cover over 600 square miles allowing residents to avoid the packed-in feeling that some other large cities have.

Cultural entertainment is full of variety in Houston, as the city claims a ballet company, a symphony, an opera house, and several theaters that showcase local artists and traveling Broadway shows as well.

The city is also home to the Texas Medical Center, a concentration of research and healthcare facilities that is the largest in the world. Opportunities for nurses abound here, and the registered nurses who work PRN shifts gain access to cutting edge facilities, learn new skills, and add impressive experience to their resumes.