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Utah Has PRN Jobs for Registered Nurses Available Now

Utah has had a rough rebound from quarantine. Since the state reopened, their confirmed cases of COVID 19 have risen steadily. A report sent to the White House recently identified Utah as one of the nation’s “red zones” for the novel coronavirus, and healthcare systems and medical facilities are using RNs who work on-demand to help cover their shift gaps, vacancies, and patient ratios as patient numbers rise. To review more information and statistics about COVID 19 in Utah, visit the state’s official website

Nursa™ has been sending clinicians to COVID 19 hotspots with our Emergency Response Initiative and we’ve been keeping a close watch on how the pandemic is affecting the healthcare industry. Learn more about how Nursa™ keeps our clinicians informed and visit our blog where you will find articles covering hot industry topics, current events, and personal stories from real clinicians like you.

Our RNs Love St George PRN Jobs

St George rests in the southwest corner of the state and is the largest city of Washington County with a population of more than 85,000. The city is snug between the gorgeous Red Cliffs National Conservation Area, Snow Canyon State Park, and is just a two-hour drive to Las Vegas. Its location lends itself to be a warmer climate than other parts of Utah and guarantees that there are fun and gorgeous outdoor things to do and to see year-round.

Luxury spa visits. Excellent restaurants. A thriving arts and culture community. St. George is full of family activities, which means that even residents and visitors who aren’t inclined towards outdoor recreation have lots to enjoy in their time off work.

Here are a few of the best things to do in St George: