City Content – RN Tucson Arizona

Learn What PRN is & Why Per Diem RNs Love Tucson

Registered nurses (RNs) who work PRN in Tucson find the best shifts with competitive hourly wages by using Nursa™ . Nursa™ is the per diem agency that utilizes a smartphone application to connect RNs to facilities in Tucson and the surrounding area that have PRN RN shifts they need to be filled. RNs in Tucson earn on average $35.85 per hour or an annual wage of $74,570 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, PRN hourly wages for RNs are often higher due to the demand.

Working PRN can offer the opportunity not only to learn more but to advance your career. RNs who work per diem can find possibilities to learn new skills and work in other units outside their specialty. These assist them in earning experience and contact hours for a new specialty, or the opportunity to network and make contacts with other nurses and management personnel.

Tucson Offers RNs More than Job Opportunities: Delicious Dining

For nurses who appreciate good food, they have more opportunities to experience and appreciate cuisine in Tucson. This large city, with a population of over 1 million residents, was named a “world city of gastronomy” by UNESCO in 2015. With an esteemed designation such as that, it should be no surprise that the city also has a thriving tourism industry complete with luxurious spas, interesting museums, and community festivals.

The mild winter climate, in addition to beautifully mild spring and autumn seasons, makes the outdoors a wonderful place to explore. Just ten miles outside of the city residents can escape the bustle to experience the beauty of Saguaro National Park where they can go hiking in the mountains, see the country’s largest cacti, backcountry camping, and see the historical petroglyphs.

Download Nursa™ today, and register to create your very own digital professional portfolio. Your license, your certifications, your resume, and other compliance documentation will all be securely stored, where you can share them directly through the app when you apply for a PRN shift. We have hundreds of PRN shifts available now in real-time. Choose when you work, and choose where you work, with Nursa™