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Everything You Need to Know About the Mother & Baby Specialty in Nursing

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Mother and Baby nurses also referred to as postpartum nurses, provide care and guidance for new mothers and their newborn babies. This specialty doesn’t have the high adrenaline or fast pace that some others have. This specialty combines routine hard work and high rewards for clinicians who appreciate the integral role nursing serves at the beginning of life. These positions can be competitive especially for the high-paying PRN shifts in the specialty available through Nursa™.

Where Do Mother & Baby Nurses Work

Postpartum nurses work wherever there are women giving birth. This means the work setting is typically in a hospital in the postpartum unit, or in birthing centers. They provide care directly following the labor and delivery process.

What Do Postpartum Nurses Do

Mother and baby nurses monitor both the mother and baby as they recover and heal from the trauma of the delivery. They administer medications as indicated by the physician, and educate new mothers about how to care for themselves through the healing process. Nurses will often collaborate with lactation consultants to help mothers and babies to learn how to breastfeed. They will provide encouragement and education to new mothers on how to provide care for their newborns both in the hospital or clinic and after discharge, in their own homes.

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Recommended Certifications for Mother/Baby Nurses

Most hospitals require the Electronic Fetal Monitoring certification of their postpartum nurses. Additionally, the Maternal Newborn Nursing Certification (RNC-MNN) may be preferred or required after you’ve gained a certain amount of experience. Certifications demonstrate your commitment to the specialty and may give you a competitive edge when pursuing PRN shifts at hospitals or birthing centers through Nursa™. Check the PRN job posting for other required or preferred certifications when you apply.

Essential Qualities of a Successful Mother & Baby Nurse

Empathy and compassion are qualities necessary to that of a postpartum nurse. Some women will settle into the role of mother quickly and with little complications either physical or emotional, while others will need more support and more encouragement. Moreover, for those reasons a mother and baby nurse must be non-judgmental. Collaboration with lactation specialists, and physicians requires a commitment to teamwork, good communication, and at times advocacy on behalf of the mother and her newborn.

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