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It’s your nursing career. Your nursing license. Your nursing job. With Nursa™ – it’s nursing on your own terms.


Are you looking for the highest paying travel nursing jobs?

Perhaps you want to find per diem nursing (PRN) jobs near you? If so, we want to let you in on an industry secret – there’s a better way to find the PRN and travel nursing jobs you want.


Add credentials to build profile

It takes a lot of paperwork to get a job. To make it easier on you and to get you to work faster – Nursa™  let’s you save all your credentials right here in the app. The more credentials you add, the more jobs you’ll be able to see.

Employers place their available nursing jobs in the system, and you can apply for those positions and go to work without any further communication via phone or otherwise. Everything you need to get hired and get the job done is performed directly through the application. Nursa™  is the only connection you need to land the nursing jobs you love.
Gain an edge over the competition with this app that puts the latest positions in front of you first so that you have the opportunity to apply for travel nursing assignments and PRN nursing shifts from your mobile device. Never let another amazing nursing opportunity pass you by again.

Find and request jobs per diem or travel contracts

Nursa™  allows you to search for jobs in real-time and connect with hospitals who need your specialty now, and in the future. After you validate your nursing license, you can request to work any job you see and then we’ll help you get oriented to the facility so that you can go to work. You can also get paid to share shifts with others using ShiftShare™.

Apply with click

Can you really apply for travel and per diem nursing jobs with a click of a button? Absolutely. When you create your own personal profile on the Nursa™  application, it becomes your very own secure digital portfolio for all of your travel nursing documents. Ready to search for nursing jobs?

Verify the Nursing License

All you need to do is verify your active nursing license and you’re free to roam thousands of jobs nationwide from the app. Start working in as little as three simple steps.

1. Fill out the basic application information
2. Browse local and nationwide per diem and travel nursing jobs
3. Apply online and start working even on the same day


Communicate Directly with Employers via Chat

Interested in a job? Apply for it within the Nursa application and communicate directly with the hospital or healthcare facility via the built-in chat interface. Employers will list the necessary compliance documents required in order to take a specific assignment. If you are missing any of those pieces – you can still apply for the job- you just have to ensure that all items are submitted before the day you start. However, we encourage nurses to upload as many travel nursing documents as possible in order to increase their chances of being accepted for the jobs they want the most.


Add credentials to your profile


Find and request jobs per diem or contract


Communicate directly with the best facilities


Help People and repeat the whole process

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