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Nurses are amazing people tasked with incredible responsibility. Even staring in the face of all the stress that comes from working as a registered nurse, most of them handle high-pressure situations and heartfelt moments in life (for better or worse) with professionalism, dignity, and grace.

Nurses Inspire Everything That We Do

At Nursa™, we are in awe of nurses and all that they do. When babies are born, nurses are there to care for them, hold, them, sometimes even catch them! If your loved one is in a critical car accident, a nurse might be the one who saves their life. Dying patients who have no family members receive comfort from nurses who can also help relieve them of pain.

It’s important that you understand our deep love for nurses and true appreciation for the profession because it truly is the backbone or driving force behind all that we do. Not only do nurses work for us out in the field, but we’re also proud to have several nurses as part of the Nursa™ team.

Explore the Human Side of Nursing with Us

Truth is, we are obsessed with the human side of nursing. We love hearing the “stories behind the nurse”. Here is where you come to find those inspiring stories so that you can see the human side of nursing that registered nurses (RNs), licensed-practical nurses (LPNs), and certified nursing assistants (CNAs), experience in their day-to-day life. Struggles they’ve overcome. Challenges they’ve faced, and more.

Five Reasons Why Nurses are So Inspirational

Nurses are there when life enters the world.

Birthing a child is undoubtedly the most self-changing experience a woman goes through and one of the greatest joys in the lives of parents. During the birthing process, nurses are there. Whether it’s administering pain medication or coaching the woman through labor, nurses will help her get through it. When the baby is born, a nurse is usually the one who first cleans and comforts the it. Often before a parent touches their own baby, a nurse’s loving hands were there first.

Nurses use their skills and follow treatment orders that help heal the sick.

It’s true that doctors are the ones who prescribe the orders, but who administers these treatments? Nurses do. It’s under the direct care and the loving hands of nurses that people who are sick and need healing receive this type of care.

Nurses hold the hands of our loved ones when we are unable to.

This one is huge. There are times in life when our loved ones can be very sick, weak, or even dying, and we are unable to be by their side. Instead, often a nurse is there for them. If a child is in a bad accident and must be taken away by helicopter, while the distressed parents are being transported to the receiving hospital, you better believe there is a flight nurse at that child’s side in route doing everything they can for the kid. When an elderly woman who was the last living member of her family reaches her end-of-life and she lays there dying in bed, she is not alone. Her loving nurses and assistants are there by her side holding her hand and providing comfort care.

Nurses do things other people don’t want or are not capable of doing.

Sometimes in life that are very intimate details that must be tended to when taking care of another. It’s not always easy for another family member to provide intimate personal care to another family, and the personal relationship may also make this hard as well. For instance, a grown-up son may feel uncomfortable helping his elderly mother in terms of bathing and restroom needs. In these situations, nurses are there to assist our loved ones to feel human again all while they retain their dignity and sense of self.

Nurses save lives.

While this is last on the list, that’s not because it’s least important. Rather, this is the final reason that should stay with you after you read this list of reasons why nurses are so inspirational. They save lives. Period. Running codes. Administering life-saving medications. Performing chest compressions. Giving oxygen to patients with trouble breathing. Nurses are out there every day saving the lives of people in many ways. You never know when that life could be yours or that of a loved one. Not only are we are inspired by nurses, we are also incredibly appreciative of their services and we give them the utmost respect and appreciation.

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