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Job Description

Join our growing network of dedicated and experienced certified nursing assistants (CNAs) finding high-paying per diem job opportunities in:

A nursing assistant working with Nursa provides basic care and helps patients with activities of daily living under the supervision of a licensed nurse. Nursing assistants work in a variety of nursing and residential care facilities, long-term care centers, assisted living facilities (ALFs), hospitals, home healthcare services, and more.

CNA Responsibilities:

Allowing for some variation in duties from one work setting to another, the following are typical responsibilities of CNAs:

  • Assist patients with activities of daily living, including bathing, toileting, dressing, feeding, and walking or exercising
  • Record vital signs, height, and weight 
  • Measure and record dietary intake and output
  • Observe or examine patients to detect symptoms that may require medical attention 
  • Document all care provided and refused and submit paperwork
  • Maintain patient confidentiality
  • Assist nurses or physicians in the operation of medical equipment or provision of care
  • Transport patients to treatment units, operating rooms, or other areas using wheelchairs, stretchers, or movable beds 
  • Clean and sanitize patients’ clothing, rooms, bathrooms, examination rooms, or other areas, maintaining safety standards and infection control procedures

CNA Qualifications:

Here are basic qualifications and important skills for nursing assistants working with Nursa:

  • Completing a nurse assistant course that meets state requirements
  • Passing the respective state’s competency exam and obtaining a certification or license—if applicable
  • Following oral and written instructions 
  • Working as part of a team 
  • Providing compassionate and reliable care
  • Communicating effectively within a team

CNA Benefits:

CNAs who find jobs with Nursa enjoy all of the following advantages:

  • Access to a wide range of per diem jobs and other short-term assignments
  • Competitive hourly rates
  • Fast and straightforward payments
  • User-friendly platform and downloadable app for easy job booking 
  • Flexible scheduling to accommodate all preferences and lifestyles
Get Started in Minutes:
Nursa enables certified nursing assistants (CNAs) to work when and where they want. Get started in three easy steps:
  • Set up an account
  • Upload your licenses/certifications
  • Request shifts

About Required CNA License:

Requirements to work as a nursing assistant can vary significantly from state to state. To become a certified nursing assistant (CNA), an individual generally has to obtain a high school diploma or equivalent and/or complete a state-approved CNA program. Other typical requirements include completing an application, paying required fees, and passing a nursing assistant competency examination. Each state also has particular requirements for maintaining a certification active and/or renewing certification.

About Location:

Reap the benefits of RN, LPN, CNA, and allied per diem jobs in Chandler, Arizona. Located only 20 miles southeast of Phoenix, this vibrant city is the epicenter of growth for the Phoenix metropolitan area. Home to a bustling nightlife and ample shopping and dining options, Chandler is a great place to work and live. From the numerous local parks to desert hikes and trails, experience outdoor activities and stunning views.

Arizona, known as the Grand Canyon State, is a beautiful southwestern state with a bustling economy. With a year-round warm climate, it makes a great place for nursing professionals to pick up extra per diem shifts.


Choose multiple CNA shifts on your schedule

Nursa isn't just about finding a job; it's about crafting your ideal work schedule by selecting shifts. Once you create a Nursa profile, you will experience the convenience of scheduling shifts in real-time.
Certified Nursing Assistant CNA - Long Term Care $26.92 per hour
Long Term Care
Est. Total
May 25, 2024
13:00 - 01:00
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Certified Nursing Assistant CNA - Long Term Care $25.77 per hour
Long Term Care
Est. Total
May 24, 2024
01:00 - 13:00
View Shift
Certified Nursing Assistant CNA - Long Term Care $27.67 per hour
Long Term Care
Est. Total
May 22, 2024
13:00 - 19:00
View Shift

Although requirements vary from state to state, CNA candidates generally have to complete a state-approved training program and pass a nursing assistant competency examination.

How much do nurses make? How much do CNAs earn? Learn more about healthcare workers and how they can pick up PRN jobs in Chandler, Arizona to maximize their take-home pay.

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May 16, 2024
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July 26, 2024
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Find High-Paying CNA Jobs in Chandler Near You

Chandler is one of the fastest-growing cities for business innovation in Arizona, in addition to having numerous growing businesses, cultural centers open year-round, golf activities, and family-related things to do. As another plus, housing is highly affordable for Chandler citizens, and well-paying healthcare jobs are likely high.

Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) are essential to the nursing staff, being present in the patient's treatment and giving the distinguished and close care they provide. Their work as healthcare staff is vital to promoting the best possible outcomes for the patient.

Certified nursing assistants are no exception to the high-paying jobs in Chandler. The average salary in Chandler, Arizona, for CNAs is $34,610 per year, according to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics. This salary can be easily supplemented, especially if the CNAs search for high-paying CNA jobs in Arizona with Nursa, which is the most widely used application for most nurses in Chandler. This app allows CNAs to find per diem CNA jobs or PRN CNA jobs in Chandler, Arizona, which are shifts for healthcare professionals looking to supplement their salaries through temporary extra shifts in different healthcare facilities and hospital settings. PRN stands for pro re nata, which in medical language is used when something is used as needed, and per diem, which refers to a way of expressing that nurses are hired on a shift basis and a temporary basis. Some advantages of working PRN / per diem are:

  • Hourly pay is higher. When shifts are taken as PRN CNAs, the salary is higher than the average CNA salary in Chandler. PRN/per diem shifts have no benefits, so the hourly pay is usually higher. In extreme cases where medical staff is urgently needed, the pay can amount to sums that highly supplement the salary of nurses working PRN shifts. Healthcare facilities occasionally offer bonuses to get the help they need through the door.
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities have a calendar to fill with available shifts. They can choose how many hours they want to work. They make a calendar of these available shifts available on the CNA / per diem shift app for nurses using the app.
  • The app makes it easier to access high-paying jobs and choose the best-paying ones. This is an advantage when searching for PRN CNA jobs in Chandler through Nursa since it is easy to use, and you can compare salaries, schedules, and areas of interest to the CNA.
  • CNAs can get more experience in all areas of nursing since being present in different hospitals and other regions of work. So CNAs who work PRN / per diem shifts are considered for more types of jobs and find high-quality contracts easily.

How to Find CNA Jobs Near me?

Finding jobs is simple with the CNA per diem shift app by Nursa. It's as simple as creating a virtual profile after downloading it, uploading the certifications needed to start working, and looking for shifts.

Some recommendations for CNAs include:

  • Always look for work in advance, before the shifts they currently have are over, given that when they are on PRN / per diem jobs, it is widespread to forget that they have to be actively looking for work.
  • Supplement their current salary in their workplace with PRN / per diem shifts, or start working only with PRN shifts, which is also possible, and if they are well organized, with a higher income.
  • Have up-to-date certifications to continue working as CNAs actively in the state of Arizona and the city of Chandler.
  • Take specialization courses to offer more excellent skills to hospitals and healthcare facilities.
  • Look for ways to quickly adapt to different situations so that their jobs only require a little training.
  • Seek their health insurance and benefits such as pensions if they work only per diem shifts so that the higher salary they get is worth it.

Nursing assistants and patient care techs in Chandler also work alongside other nursing professionals, including registered nurses and licensed practical nurses.

Nursa makes it easier to find jobs for CNAs in Chandler. Thanks to this application, the citizens of Chandler can rest assured that their health is in great hands, as since the pandemic, there has been a well-founded concern about the shortage of nurses, and it is through these jobs that they can cover and improve the quality of care of all hospitals, and therefore increase patient safety.

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