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The medical world is known for its vast technological advances, but these advances don’t just end at cutting-edge treatments and machines reserved for operating rooms and research facilities. There are tons of new, hand-held gadgets that can improve the everyday lives of medical professionals. There are gadgets for every need, from helping with daily stress response to sanitation. In fact, after looking at our shortlist, you might start to identify as a “tech geek,” wanting to own every single one for all the practical uses these gadgets afford!

So, “go go gadget” and take a look at the nursing gadgets you should consider acquiring this year! 

EKO Duo ECG+ Digital Stethoscope

Let’s give the traditional stethoscope a facelift, shall we?

DUO is a groundbreaking smart system for detecting cardiac disease, including murmurs and AFib, through an app! Combining the ECG and stethoscope, this “duo” helps you get a more detailed assessment of your patient’s vitals, providing more exceptional care, including early disease detection. 

This stethoscope also offers 32X amplified heart, lung, and bowel sounds with 88% automated murmur detection and 99% AFib detection.

Apollo Neuro Stress Relief Band

This band is the epitome of “sending good vibes.”

Using scientifically proven touch therapy, the Apollo Neuro Stress Relief Band sends gentle vibrations to your body that trigger and ultimately rebalance your nervous system so that you feel calmer and more in control. Using the band consistently will help you not only stay more focused during your stressful day, but it can also help you improve sleep and your overall stress response. 

KLEAMS Portable UV Light Sanitizer

You work in a hospital, so you know what that means: You cannot escape germs and bacteria.

What it doesn’t mean is that you have to let your personal objects and space be infected. To help keep your immune system strong, use the 4.5-star rated KLEAMS portable UV light sanitizer to disinfect your everyday surfaces. This portable sanitizer eliminates germs, viruses, and pathogens with concentrated UV light within seconds! 

Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

The fewer cords, the better, right?

This wireless blood pressure monitor takes the traditional system a step into the future with no wires or cords! Mapping the systolic and diastolic plus heart rate, this easy-to-use monitor gives you immediate results with color-coded feedback.

Aside from being eligible for Flexible Spending Account (FSA), this monitor can easily be synced with your facility’s Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, which allows you to email and share results for better nurse-doctor communication. 

Feelzing Patch

Stop chugging back energy drinks to get through your shift. With innovations in the biochemical world, meet the Feelzing Patch — the new and safe way to energize your brain.  

Using a form of neurostimulation called transcutaneous peripheral nerve stimulation (tPNS), this patch attaches behind your ear and pulses out a seven-minute stimulation that taps your autonomic nervous system into a calm state of productivity.

Without using chemical stimulants, experience “calm energy” that does not give you jitters, anxiety, or crashes.

High-End Portable Voice Translator 

As more people immigrate to the United States, it’s essential for a medical professional to show empathy to those learning new languages. The reality is that a language barrier adds much more stress to an already challenging situation, such as hearing medical updates. 

When bilingual nurses are unavailable, this high-end portable voice translator can help you fill the language barrier gaps between yourself and your patients. With a library of 106 languages, you will be able to communicate with patients from all over the world.

Veinlite® Vein Finder

No vein, no problem!

Take the guesswork out of phlebotomy with an innovative way to find veins! Veinlite® illuminates an area of skin, making veins appear as dark lines. Furthermore, Veinlite® can help to stretch the skin and engorge veins for easier needle insertion.

Wearable Emergency Flashlight

If you are working the night shift, a little extra light doesn’t hurt. This wearable emergency flashlight easily clips onto your scrubs, providing a hands-free light source.

Easily sanitized with a silicon shell, in addition to boasting four light settings, this simple and affordable gadget is easily overlooked but sometimes extremely useful during fast-moving shifts. 

The Pip

Set yourself up for better mental health at your fingertips… literally.

The skin pores on your fingertips are extremely sensitive to changing stress levels, so The Pip captures these changes through biofeedback for your benefit! Using electrodermal activity (EDA), The Pip and its accompanying app teach you how to manage stress through your own body’s readings. The app responds to your changing stress levels using audio and visual feedback.

Petcube Bites 2 Wi-Fi Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser

This gadget is not something you will use at your facility, but if you have a little fur baby at home and want some ways to interact during the day, the Petcube Bites Camera and Treat Dispenser helps you keep tabs on your little friend at home all while giving you the ability to send some love via digitized treat dispensing.

CAVN PenLight with Pupil Gauge LED

Pens are a thing for healthcare professionals, and the CAVN Pen Light is a great multi-purpose tool that helps you get the job done with a light, pupil gauge, and writing ability. With a clip for easy access on your scrubs, these are lightweight and convenient pens to carry around during your shift. 

Hyperice Hypervolt Cordless Vibration Massager

Healthcare jobs consistently have you in awkward or strained postures, which can take a toll on your body.  The Hypervolt is a great way to knock out the knots before they become a huge problem. This percussion massage device packs a massage punch of three different speed levels without being too noisy.

Nursing Gadgets for You: A More Comfortable Life

See, technological advancements have also been made to make the lives of medical professionals more practical, comfortable, and efficient. 

At Nursa, we not only care about helping you find your next nursing contract, but we also care about improving your daily routines and nurse-life balance! 

We hope these tech gadgets can significantly improve your life as a nursing professional. For more helpful information, browse our library of resources for per diem nurses. From creating and reaching goals as a gig worker to meal prep and exercise routines, we have all the information nurses need to feel happy, healthy, and fulfilled in their positions.

Written by Cyd Hatch

I’ve spent the last 12 years honing my ability to tell a story! I leverage my writing and photography skills, alongside my proven expertise in brand and content strategy to get your story in front of the right audience. My work has been featured on an array of national platforms including Cosmopolitan, The Washington Post, ESPN, Good Morning America, Social Media Marketing World and The National Archives. When I’m not creating content, my home base is Salt Lake City. You can find me slurping up ramen, thrifting (always looking to uncover the extraordinary), drinking my daily matcha latte, and spoiling my two French Bulldogs, Ozzy and Winston.

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