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Best Travel Nurse Luggage and Packing Tips

You landed a travel nursing assignment. Your destination's chosen, and it's time to consider what you should pack and bring along with you. Learn from experienced pros the best travel nurse luggage and learn some packing tips to know what to bring along during your next job.

Travel Nurse Housing Considerations

Travel nurses can choose from many housing accommodations, such as Air BNBs, long-stay hotels, etc. All options have different furnishings, so you must know your location details before leaving.

Some nurses travel in an RV. For these travel nurses, where they choose to stay will be a significant deciding factor in what should be packed. In other words, nurses who travel and stay in an RV or camper need to consider their site and equip themselves with anything additional that the facility may not provide.

Here are some travel nursing tips and special considerations regarding luggage and packing.

Agency-Provided Housing

Discuss exactly what the housing offers before you accept an agency-provided housing option. Some places have things from pots, pans, silverware, towels, bedding, TV, and DVD/player, while other accommodations only have basic furnishings. Discussing this with your recruiter is essential to deciding what you will pack and the type of luggage you will use. Packing light usually is ideal for an experienced travel nurse; learning what to bring and not to bring can save you a lot of work and preparation for your journey.

What's the Length of Your Assignment?

Your assignment can be weeks to months. How long your assignment lasts requires consideration when you choose what to bring along. Some people move on to their next job before going home, so careful planning should be involved.

What Location Are You Traveling To?

Your destination plays a factor in what you pack, from the type of clothing you bring (due to climate/weather considerations) to the kinds of recreational activities available in the area you're going to. If you plan on going outside and exploring your destination, you might want to consider a backpack with a dual purpose. You might be going to Florida, where you would like to bring swimwear and cool clothing. Maybe you are heading out to Alaska and need warmer clothing. If that is the case, you might want to pack coats and sweaters or be prepared with hiking gear or whatever supplies you might need for the activities you plan on doing while you're there.  

Are You Traveling In a Camper or RV?

Packing up your RV to head to your travel destination is a dutiful and strategic process. Some nurses invest in an RV for their travel assignments. With an RV, packing may be a little easier, allowing you to bring more of your supplies. A significant advantage: have most of your travel necessities packed from prior assignments, and change up only some of your luggage for different jobs you work.

Important Considerations About Travel Nurse Luggage and Packing

Traveling With a Pet

Traveling with your pet will give you a little extra packing, but depending on the pet, the tag requirements are usually not too extensive. Do not forget to bring your pet accessories, including food and water bowls, toys, collars, leash, litter box, animal paperwork, vet information, and a cage.

Bring Your Important Paperwork and Documents

Pack your driver's license, birth certificate, social security card, nursing license, recruiter information, and travel nursing contract.

Travel Nurse Scrubs and Clothing

When packing the proper clothing for your destination, you will want to bring outfits suitable for your travel nursing location. Packing them, you might want to consider rolling them up instead of folding them, conserving space. You can't take your whole wardrobe, so consider packing outfits you can interchange with several items of clothing like shoes that go with more than one outfit.

Work Accessories To Bring Along

Scrubs, stethoscopes, or any other work accessories you're required to have are essential items to bring along with you.

Choose The Right Travel Nurse Luggage

Finding the right luggage or containers to pack up is essential. Consider how you're transporting them and what you can use them for once you reach your destination. When purchasing your luggage, you want good quality, durable, and weatherproof material. Also, lightweight multi-purpose duffel bags come in handy for travel nurses.

Make a List For Your Travel Nursing Job

Before leaving for your travel nursing job, write down things you tend to use daily and consider necessary. Finding something you think you need is unnecessary can reduce your load. There are apps, videos, and travel packing guides to assist a travel nurse if you need further guidance beyond this blog article.

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Booher, RN
Blog published on:
August 15, 2022

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