40 Gifts for the Nurse in Your Life

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July 11, 2022

Gift giving is a stress and anxiety ridden experience for many, but add not being familiar with a certain industry, and it makes thoughtful gift giving that much harder. If you are feeling clueless about what to get the nurse in your life, we have a curated list just for you.

Whether it’s celebrating nursing school graduations or stuffing stockings during the holidays, this list will help you find something for every occasion — even if it’s just to say “good job” or “just because.”  

Let’s get gifting! 

1.Tik Tok Famous Scrubs

Nurses are raving on Tik Tok about this new type of scrubs that are only $16.99!  After researching for over five years and testing more than a hundred prototypes, Mandala Scrubs created Equa-Tek™ scrubs which are spill-repellent, while maintaining a natural feel and breathability. 

Buy matching scrubs, face masks, caps, and more on their site and deck out your nurse with the “new new.”

2. Stethoscope ID Tag Charm

Charms are always a cute way to personalize without getting too bulky. So, for nurses who have to keep adornments to a minimum, these personalized stethoscope ID tag charms are a perfect accessory! 

Easy to attach and customize to any stethoscope size, this is a fun gift that makes nurses’ daily tools look much cooler.

3. Custom Badge Reel

We all know nursing fashion is pretty sterile (no pun intended), so having a customized badge reel can help nurses show a little bit of personality while at work! Whether it’s a positive affirmation, a dumpster fire to represent the past year, or their favorite little animal, there are tons of options for you to choose from to spice up their ID tags.

4. Compression Socks

Compression socks are scientifically proven to help people who spend a ton of time on their feet. On top of these health benefits, give your nurse something that allows them to rock socks that are fun, colorful, and personal.

5. Funny Nursing Quote Candle

Candles provide a sense of zen at the end of the day, but why not add one with a cheeky nursing phrase? These 100% soy wax candles are a trendy accessory to add to nurses’ coffee tables and other home decor spaces.

6. Mask Ear Protectors

Masks, can’t live with them, can’t live without them. Because nurses have to wear masks throughout their whole shifts, sometimes these masks can have a wear and tear on their ears, just like wearing a headband or hat all day can leave you with pressure headaches. Thankfully, these face mask ear protectors can make wearing a mask more comfortable.

7. Custom Name Stethoscope Necklace or Tie

Wondering what to give as a nursing graduation gift? A personalized necklace for the future female nurse is a perfect idea! Have a male nurse in mind? Give the gift of a cute nursing print tie to wear on their big day.

8. Nurse Definition Sweatshirt

Spell it out! This high-quality cotton-polyester sweatshirt spells out what it means to be a nurse: “A scrub wearing, coffee drinking, miracle worker who helps save lives.” Offered in unisex sizes and multiple colors, these can be fun gifts for the nurse in your life to wear their title with pride. 

9. Alternative Jewelry

Many healthcare facilities limit the amount of jewelry you can wear to avoid scraping and scratching patients. Therefore, to avoid problems, gift your nurse alternative rings like Enso Rings, which are made out of stretchy silicone. Don’t want the price tag of brand names? Amazon has fantastic options in multi-packs!

10. Ring Holder Necklaces

If alternative jewelry is not their thing, you can give nurses ring holder necklaces, which will allow them to wear their wedding rings along with them during their shifts! 

11. Nurse Sticker Packs

Need a smaller gift for stuffing stockings or for a gift basket? Consider buying this cute 4-pack of nurse, doctor and EMT stickers.

As reusable water bottles are becoming more and more popular, many like to slap on stickers to personalize and make them their own! Nurses will consider themselves #cool and #hip with their personalized water bottles.

12. Healthcare Worker Affirmation Cards

After what nurses have been through the past few years, a positive word can mean the world. This set of affirmation cards was specifically designed for healthcare workers to help them remember that they are amazing, seen, and heard.

This is a wonderful mental health gift since when we practice positive affirmations, we have the ability to change our perception and realities. That’s POWERFUL!

13. Multi-Color Pens

Color, color everywhere! Having a variety of click pens is great, but an all-in-one multi-color pen is even better! Retractable multi-color pens allow nurses to limit the number of pens they carry around without losing color-coding options! 

14. Stethoscope Scrunchie Cover

With this fashionable and functional "Scrunchie" Stethoscope Cover, you can protect your nurse’s neck and stethoscope from body fluids and germs they might encounter on the job.

Available in a variety of different colors and patterns, step up your stethoscope-fashion game all while keeping it germ-free and sanitary.

15. A Nursing Outdoor Mat

“Yes, a nurse lives here… no, I don't want to look at it.”

As there are tons of fun quotes around #nurselife, give the gift of a funny outdoor mat that can make the nurse in your life smile every time he or she walks through the door.

16. Custom Nurse Face Socks

This is the perfect gag gift for a nurse with a great sense of humor.

Send this sock company your nurse’s face, and it will print it on a fun sock pattern! As a reminder that someone loves them, these socks can add smiles to nurses’ faces during a shift — all they have to do is simply look down! 

17. Stylized Nurse Cap

A nursing cap is all about protecting nurses’ hair. To help add some fun to a scrub ensemble, consider getting the nurse in your life a stylized print nursing cap! As many have holes for ponytails and other hairstyles, you can find one perfect for the fit and print your nurse will appreciate.

18. Nursing Headband with Mask Buttons

If a nursing cap is not their thing, consider an alternative with this headband with mask buttons feature! Perfect for keeping their hair out of their faces and with the convenience of buttons that easily hook on masks, this can be a comfortable accessory that they will love to wear.

19. Sanitizer Holders

Although healthcare facilities have sanitation stations, it’s sometimes nice to have your own. Bath and Body Works not only makes pocket-size sanitizer bottles, but the company also makes adorable holders that will make your nurse smile while staying healthy! 

Does the hospital have a scent policy? Consider a refillable wristlet for approved sanitizers!

20. Nurse Herb Bath Bomb

Ahhh… sometimes having a hot bath after a long shift can greatly reduce the stress of the day, right? Make any bath a fizzy, skin-softening sanctuary by gifting this luxury bath bomb in the shape of a nursing scrub! (This might even be too cute to use.)

21. Hand-Held Vein Finder

Sometimes having to track down the high-tech vein finder at your facility is a hassle, so get your nurse a handy-dandy vein finder. Using the illumivein vein finder, your nurse can have the technology of futuristic phlebotomy on demand.

22. Customized First Aid Scissors 

Trauma scissors are part of a wearable first aid kit every nurse has to have on them 24/7. To add a little sparkle of customization, consider buying the nurse in your life a pair of customized trauma scissors. Whether they are made out of stainless steel or decorated with glitter finger holes, you can find the perfect set in this Etsy search.

23. Dry Erase Bracelet

This reusable and wearable dry erase board will make recording blood pressure, patient notes, and quick reminders incredibly easy and efficient! Easily write down your daily numbers to reference later. 

24. Dry Erase Badge Reel Notepad

Keeping to the dry erase accessories, this reusable dry erase notepad by ScribePad attaches to a retractable badge reel paired with a mini wet erase marker. 

ScribePad is a convenient and quick way to take notes on the run!

25. Personalized Stethoscope Tape Holder

Designed by an NYC Paramedic, StatGear's S3 Personalized Stethoscope Tape Holder is a practical way to “keep rollin”. Its design makes this fit with most medical tapes and is easy to attach to a stethoscope for convenience.

26. Nurse Sparkle Hair Clips

Does the nurse in your life like a little bit of glitz and glam?

This fun 2-pack barrette set is perfect for nurses wanting to “glam up” their ponytail with gold or silver sparkle clips that are sure to make a fashionable statement.

27. Daily Self-Care Journal

Being a nurse is a high-stress job, so give your nurse a journal that will greatly add to his or her daily mental health. This Self-Care Journal is a perfect tool to help them walk through positive thought process training to create mindfulness and better daily habits. 

28. Wine and Champagne Celebratory Labels

Bring out the bubbly because your nurse has graduated! (Or done something great!)

Perfect for celebrating milestones in a nurse's life from “surviving nurse school”, “passing the NCLEX,” or “the first day on the job”, these cute and customized wine and champagne labels are sure to make your nurse feel special. Pop, sizzle, fizz…

29. Cell-Phone Sanitizer

In general, phones are crawling with bacteria, even more so the phones of nurses, who are constantly exposed to different types of germs. By carrying around a portable phone sanitizer with its own built-in charger, nurses can improve their chances of staying healthy! 

The UV light sterilizer kills 99.9% of bacteria and germs in just six minutes, so you can easily and quickly stay protected on the go!

30. Blue-Light Blocking Glasses

In the nursing field, surprisingly enough, nurses spend a lot of time looking at computer screens.

Since looking at screens long term can expose nurses’ eyes to harmful blue spectrum light, give the gift of healthy sight with blue-light blocking glasses

31. Cheat Reference Cards

For new nurses, having reference cards that they can easily clip to their ID badge can give them the added confidence to do their jobs. These cards cover a wide spectrum of information to help nurses in all practices.

32. Slippers 

Sometimes, after a long day, it’s just nice to slip off the sneakers and get something comfy to help recoup your feet. These fun smiley face slippers can help brighten nurses’ days all while helping them recover for their next shifts. 

33. Fanny Packs

With a comeback hailing from the 80s, fanny packs are a great way to help nurses carry daily supplies. Having practical fanny packs can help nurses limit trips to supply rooms, which can greatly cut down time spent on their feet.

34. Clip-On Nurse Watches

Due to Bare Below Elbows (BBE) policies, watches and other wrist accessories might be limited at healthcare facilities. These customized watches are great options since nurses can easily clip them onto scrubs, allowing them to check the time on the fly.

35. Black Out Curtains

Have a nurse in your life that commonly works the night shift? Black out curtains are a great home accessory to give him or her the gift of a better “day’s” sleep — you can thank us later.

Pair these curtains with a silk-eye pillow headband, and you will help your nurse get the necessary sleep to keep saving lives.

36. Airbnb Gift Card

All nurses deserve gold stars and vacations after what they have been through these past few years. To help them #Treatthemselves, give them the gift of vacation with an Airbnb gift card.

37. Sound Canceling Ear Plugs

There is always hustle and bustle in hospitals, so for nurses who feel they are losing it due to sensory overload, Loop ear plugs would be thoughtful gifts! 

With both noise-canceling and noise-reducing options, these earplugs can easily give the overstimulated nurse a moment of much-needed serenity.

38. Quality Hand Lotion

Nurses wash their hands constantly, which leads to dry, cracking hands. Made with cocoa butter and quality ingredients, Kiehl’s Crème de Corps Body Lotion is a fantastic hand lotion that can keep hands moisturized without making them greasy.

39. American Nurses Association Professional Organization Subscription

Helping a nurse join the American Nurses Association (ANA) is a great way to support the professional development of someone you love. 

Membership dues can be paid monthly for approximately $28, and this membership gets nurses an array of perks, like the ANA newsletter and magazine, continuing education credits, access to national nursing conferences, and more! Members will also have access to discounted entry fees for the B2Awards and REGGIE Awards!

Consider this a gift option that keeps on giving…

40. Nurse Edition of What Do You Meme?

The nurse’s edition of the popular party game What Do You Meme? is full of #nurselife humor that can make any nurse say, “Oh, I totally feel that.” Help your nurse connect with others over a good game night and shared experiences at the hospital.

Stress No More: Gifts Made Easy! 

See, that wasn’t so hard!

Gifting can be made easy when you have a healthcare partner who is looking out for you — Ahem, us.

At Nursa, we not only give a “shift” about helping nurses find their next nursing gig, but we also care about improving their daily routines and nurse-life balance! 

We hope these accessories can greatly improve your nurse’s life as a healthcare professional. For more helpful information, be sure to check out our vast library of resources for PRN nurses. From understanding taxes as a gig worker to mental health resources, we have all the information nurses need in order to feel confident in their positions.

Blog published on:
July 11, 2022

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