13 of the Best Nurse Scrubs for Women and Men

male and female nurse in comfortable scrubs
Written by
Jenna Elizabeth
Reviewed by
Miranda Kay, RN
June 24, 2024

Strong coffee, fabulous shoes, and comfortable scrubs make a happy nurse.

Many nurses work 12-hour shifts, adding up to around 9,000 steps per shift! The bottom line? Every nurse deserves to feel comfortable in a pair of good scrubs. 

Here’s the kicker, though: Not all scrubs are created equally. 

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In fact, some scrubs feel like—how can one put this nicely?—sandpaper. Not at all what a nurse wants to feel against their skin when caring for patients. One comment by a nurse on Reddit can attest to this: “I’ve worn some scrubs in my years as a nurse that felt like sandpaper, and some that felt like pillows.” 

The truth? Some of the best scrubs for nurses should feel like 800-thread-count pillowcases against your skin. Whether you’re looking for stretchy, plus-size, cute, or fashionable scrubs, here’s your ultimate guide to choosing the best scrubs for you.

Most Popular Scrub Brands

Many popular scrub brands have gained recognition in the healthcare industry for their softness, durability, and quality. Butter-Soft Scrubs. Koi. Mandala. Where do you start? Therefore, if you see the same scrub brands coming up in nurse forums that are rated as the best of the best, listen up. Below are some popular scrub brands that earn an “A” for comfort, quality, and fit:


Who knew the “scrub life” could feel this good? FIGS is one of the best overall scrub brands in the medical supply world. FIGS scrubs are popular among nurses because they are functional and fashionable. FIGS boasts an extra-soft but durable material made from polyester and rayon, marked by its proprietary FIONx™ fabric. Stretchy, breathable, and available in almost every color your nurse heart desires, it’s no wonder FIGS tops the list as one of the best scrub brands for nurses. Visit their website for some shopping from the comfort of your home.

2. Cherokee 

Cherokee nursing scrubs are like the army tank of scrubs: strong, durable, and secure. These scrubs will support you through your nursing shifts. This classic scrub brand dates back to the 1970s and has grown from family-owned to proving itself among the best-fitting scrub brands for nurses. The front-to-back Yoke seams—allowing for ease of movement—make Cherokee scrubs snug but comfortable. Moreover, Cherokee scrubs can be washed repeatedly and won’t lose color. For nurses who work in colder climates, Cherokee scrub jackets steal the show for being warm and stylish. 

3. Wink Scrubs

Wonder which scrub is best for a stretchy but binding fit? Wink, previously called WonderWink, is a flexible and stretchy scrub brand that is stylish and breathable. These scrubs are known by nurses for their incredible washability, quality, and fit. These cute scrubs are available in various primary solid colors, giving off a friendly but professional first impression. Oh, and for that nurse who loves pockets, Wink scrubs are loaded with them. Featuring loading pockets with invisible zips and multiple accessory loops, Wink has all the pockets to store and carry your daily nurse gadgets. Also, Wink caters to all sizes and offers comfortable plus-size scrubs up to 5X. 

Most Fashionable Scrubs 

Just because you are a nurse doesn’t mean you must throw your style out the hospital window. Luckily, there are plenty of fashionable scrubs that offer a variety of colors, cuts, and styles. Here’s a look at some of the most fashionable scrubs that will have you walking down the hospital halls as if you were in a runway show:  

4. Jaanuu

Jaanuu is perhaps the most stylish among modern scrubs. Worthy of Instagram and Facebook selfies, these nurse scrubs show up to bat with contemporary designs that can carry a nurse from the hospital to a happy-hour lunch with friends. Apart from style, Jaanuu scrubs are also super soft and made from FUSEryx™, a combination of poly, rayon, and spandex. Jaanuu’s trademarked fabric also has an antimicrobial finish and anti-wrinkle technology. Function and fashion? What more could a nurse ask for? 

5. Med Couture 

Tying the race next to Jaanuu, Med Couture scrubs are what happens when the runway meets the medical world. Just pop onto Med Courture’s homepage, and you will be greeted by positivity and mantras like, “Every step you take is a bold declaration of your unique personality.”  Med Couture scrubs offer personality and radiance in every unique scrub design to add a little flair and confidence to your step. Aside from sass and class, these scrubs boast a quality performance active stretch fabric made from 95 percent polyester and 5 percent spandex. Made for nurses of all beautiful sizes, these gorgeous and bold scrubs are available from XS to 5X.

Softest and Most Comfortable Scrubs 

There is nothing quite like an uncomfortable pair of scrubs rubbing up against your skin to remind you it’s time for a new pair. While all the scrubs on this list are made with fabrics that feel great against the skin, here are some stand-out scrubs that use fabrics that are buttery-soft: 

6. Moxie

The concept of Moxie was created when CEO Alicia Tulsee hopped into a cab on her way home from the Harvard Innovation Lab and started chatting with a nurse named Ashley. From there, the two became friends, and Ashley became Moxie’s first nurse collaborator to help in the design process of creating beautiful but comfortable scrubs. Inspired and designed by nurses,  Moxie scrubs are considered some of the softest (like butter soft), high-quality, and fashionable scrubs on the market.

7. Healing Hands Scrubs 

Stretchy, breathable, and with pockets sewn in all the right places, Healing Hands Scrubs is a super comfortable scrub brand that believes in “good karma.” Healing Hands designs some of the highest-quality scrubs in the healthcare industry. Plus, every scrub set in their 360 collection includes eight plastic water bottles as part of their dedication to using fabrics made of recycled materials. Soft scrubs that are eco-friendly? That’s a match made in crunchy nurse heaven!

Best Scrubs for Women

Great scrub brands will offer fitted scrubs designed with women in mind. However, a few scrub brands go the extra mile to ensure a high-quality fit and stitch for women. Here’s a list of high-quality scrubs that are ideal for female nurses:

8. Ariat Scrubs 

Ariat Scrubs delivers a range of high-quality scrubs for Women that pass the fit check. With a vision to create “the world’s best-fitting and most technically advanced gear for people in motion,” this brand uses temperature-regulating Nua™ fabric and hidden pockets to keep nurses on the go, dry, and happy. Other details, like reinforced stitching, breathable back, and underarm perforated panels, make these scrubs perfect for a busy nurse. Easy to wash, wrinkle-resistant, and made from recycled polyester, these scrubs were made with women nurses in mind. 

9. Mandala Scrubs

Mandala is a luxury but affordable scrub brand focusing on sustainability and comfort. Because of its fabric’s four-way stretch, which fits a wide range of body shapes and sizes, these scrubs are excellent for female nurses. Mandala scrubs also feature an “Equa Teck” technology that keeps these scrubs looking colorful and bright for more than 80 washes. For eco-friendly folks, Mandala is committed to providing scrubs free from chemical coatings and harsh chemicals. Mandala Scrubs is one of the best and most affordable scrub brands dedicated to sustainability and offering lower prices than other brands. 

Most Wrinkle-Resistant and Breathable Scrub Brands

The best scrub set lets your body breathe while staying true to its form. In other words, quality scrub fabrics will encourage perspiration and remain dry and wrinkle-free while in motion. Here are some scrub brands that excel in the category of breathable and wrinkle-resistant fabrics:

10. Koi Scrubs 

Koi Scrubs is an eco-conscious, stretchy scrub brand that is a favorite among nurses. Its incredibly breathable material (36 percent cotton and 64 percent recycled polyester) prevents creases and wrinkles. Eco-conscious nurses can also rest assured that Koi Scrubs are created from plastic bottles, broken down, and processed into recycled polyester threads. Some of the best styles can be found at the Koi Amazon scrubs store, which offers plenty of breathable, stylish scrub brands for both work and play.

11. Luuna Scrubs

Luuna scrubs are based in Canada and are a top pick for nurses looking for a luxurious but wrinkle-resistant fabric. This scrub brand was created by nurses for nurses and offers a range of stand-out features, such as fur and lint resistance. Additionally, Luuna fabrics are integrated with silver ions, which give these scrubs the superpower to dismantle the structure of microorganisms and microbes. Although Luuna scrub prices are higher than many low-cost scrub brands, you certainly get what you pay for. Comfortable, stylish, and carefully crafted, Luuna scrubs are excellent for nurses who want to stay dry and look great during their nursing shifts. 

Best Scrubs for Men

Men comprise about 12 percent of the national nursing workforce and deserve great scrubs just as much as women nurses. Some of the best scrubs for men consider a man’s chemistry and stature when creating their fabrics and designs. From activewear and stylish cuts to durability and comfort, below are some great scrub brands for male nurses: 

12. Fabletics Scrubs

Fabletics is relatively new to the medical apparel category. However, since its launch of Fabletics Scrubs in 2023, it remains a front-runner for premium-quality and affordable scrub brands for nurses nationwide. Plus, it’s one of the best scrub brands for men. Due to its collection of performance-grade workwear that is not only comfortable but highly durable, Fabletics Scrubs are rugged enough for a busy male nurse. Aside from that, Fabletics caters to taller people, offering a range of lengths and sizes for larger-built individuals. 

13. Dickies 

Dickies is a classic scrub brand. Its scrubs are a perfect blend of fashion and durability that cater to all body sizes. Men nurses may favor Dickies scrubs because of their lightweight fabric, mobility, and classic fit. Plus, a lot of Dickies scrub sets, such as their Jogger Scrub Pants collection, feature pockets that can carry cell phones, stethoscopes, and nurse pens. Made with moisture-wicking materials and sizing that runs a bit larger than other scrub brands, Dickies are great scrub brands for men. Watch for discounts on Dickies scrubs at the popular online store AllHeart.

Scrub Perfection

Nursing can be challenging, so finding the perfect scrub set for your body type and style is essential. Not only does a pair of comfortable scrubs make a nursing shift go by in a breeze, but you also deserve to feel good and look good at work. Likewise, a high-quality scrub brand should resist fading, tears, and moisture. Once you find that special pair of scrubs, you’ll be living the “scrub life,” a.k.a, “the good life.” Check out the most popular ways to stay hydrated on the job in our post about the best water bottles for nurses.

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Jenna Elizabeth
Blog published on:
June 24, 2024

Meet Jenna, a contributing copywriter at Nursa who writes about healthcare news and updates, empathy and compassion for nurses, how to show staff appreciation and increase retention, and guides that help nurses navigate career pathways.

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