31 of the Best Discounts for Nurses [2024]

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June 3, 2024

Nursing is among the most rewarding professions. 

However, nurses face long shifts with stressful and demanding hours. They deserve to be spoiled.

Many companies want to recognize nurses as the heroes they are, but not all nurses are aware of the discounts available to them. To recognize nurses for their hard work and make their lives easier, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite discounts for nurses and frontline healthcare workers.

7 Discounts on Clothing and Accessories for Nurses

Here are some of the best discounts on clothes and shoes for nurses:

  • Adidas: This sports apparel company gives nurses a 30 percent discount on purchases in-store and online and a 15 percent discount in factory outlets on sportswear and shoes after ID.me verification.
  • Asics: A business whose philosophy is to maintain balance in people's lives through movement, Asics offers a 25 percent discount to healthcare professionals for their qualifying, full-priced products after verification with SheerID.
  • Reebok: A well-known and pioneer company in sporting goods, Reebok offers a 50 percent discount to nurses, physicians, military members, first responders, teachers, hospital employees, and government employees.
  • Rothy's: This shoe and accessory brand gives a 20 percent discount to nurses, educators, first responders, and the military.
  • Levis: The brand that manufactured the first waist overalls in 1873, now known as blue jeans, offers a 15 percent discount on different categories, such as jeans, shirts, and pants, to first responders who save millions of lives annually.
  • Carhartt: Not surprisingly, this company that values honesty, trust, and hard work recognizes nurses through a program that offers a 15 percent discount on their orders.
  • Lululemon: With roots in Vancouver and looking for a positive social and environmental change, this brand offers a 15 percent discount on purchases in-store and online to military and first responders.

6 Discounts on Drinks and Food for Nursing Professionals

This list is a compilation of some of the leading discounts for nurses on food and drinks:

  • Factor: A company that believes a balanced diet is the key to a long-term healthy life, Factor offers a 55 percent discount on the first meal kit box that nurses order and includes free shipping. After a nurse's first purchase, Factor still provides a 15 percent discount for subsequent orders up to 51 weeks after the first box. However, nurses must pay for shipping for these orders.
  • Home Chef: A business that wants to provide home-cooked meals to lift people's spirits on busy days gives a 50 percent discount on the first meal ordered and 10 percent on following boxes to hospital employees, nurses, military, teachers, and first responders.
  • Texas de Brazil: With the Brazilian's hospitality and the flavor of their traditional churrasco, this restaurant offers a 15 percent discount on dine-in lunch and dinner prices. Check the link for discount requirements.
  • Green Chef: Crafting meals that are good for your body, the environment, and your taste buds, this meal delivery service is proud to give nurses a 70 percent discount with free shipping on their first box ordered, and for additional boxes, a 15 percent discount for up to 52 weeks. 
  • Thrive Market: This business aims to make healthy living easy and affordable. For that reason, Thrive Market gives nurses a one-year free membership to buy healthy and sustainable products.
  • Blue Apron: This company offers clients more than meal kits. It offers a food system with sustainable farming practices, unique recipes, and high-quality ingredients. It gives nurses a 40 percent discount on meal kits for their first four weeks. 

6 Discounts on Vacation and Travel for Nurses

Here are some travel, flight, and hotel discounts for nurses so they can recharge their batteries and have some fun:

  • Student Universe: This travel booking site offers discounts for students on flights, hotels, and car rentals. Therefore, if future nurses want to take advantage of their breaks and travel to learn about new places, this is an excellent way to do it. The only requirements are to become a free member and be under 30 years old. 
  • Hertz: With a presence around the globe, this company offers a 20 percent discount for healthcare workers and nurses who are union members.  
  • Hilton All-Inclusive: To exceed clients' expectations, Hilton All-inclusive provides a 15 percent discount for nurses to plan all-inclusive vacations and change their roles from caregivers to care receivers. Every once in a while, everyone needs and deserves a break.
  • Westgate Resorts: Offering luxury accommodations in popular vacation destinations, Westgate Resorts recognizes nurses by providing them a 10 percent discount on their best rates. Use the discount code Nurse10.   
  • MSC Cruises: The third largest cruise brand in the world and the leader in Europe, South America, Southern Africa, and the Golf Region, MSC Cruises offers a 10 percent discount for healthcare workers and their families.
  • Caesars Rewards: The largest gaming company in the country gives up to a 30 percent discount on hotel stays when nurses or other healthcare workers make reservations online.

6 Discounts in Wellbeing and Self-Care for Nurses

Feeling good and being healthy is not only about resting, eating well, and creating memorable moments. It is also about caring for your body, giving it vitamins and treatments to keep it balanced and healthy. Therefore, the following list shows nurse discounts focused on wellness:

  • GNC: This well-known company, dedicated to supporting people through healthy products like vitamins and supplements, wants to recognize nurses' hard work by giving them a 10 percent discount on selected products, other time-limited discounts, and special saving events.
  • Joy Organics: A leading company in the CBD industry offering high-quality products, Joy Organics provides discounts to teachers, students, first responders, and medical workers.
  • Smarty Pants Vitamins: This company makes nutritious vitamin gummies with the necessary nutrients for people to be healthy. It gives nursing professionals a 20 percent discount on purchases to promote wellbeing.
  • Ritual: This business makes multivitamin products with traceable ingredients because transparency is its principal value. Ritual offers a 20 percent discount for the first three months to show appreciation for nurses.
  • CorePower Yoga: Believing that yoga transforms people, CorePower Yoga offers a 20 percent discount on class packs or all-access memberships.  
  • Therabody: To make wellbeing more accessible for everyone, this company developed Theragun Percussive Therapy. In the same spirit and to thank all the nurses in the field, Therabody gives a 20 percent nursing discount to professionals to help them avoid muscle fatigue during long shift hours.

6 Discounts on Electronics and Technology for Nurses

Like everyone else, nurses want to enjoy the benefits of having the latest technology in their homes and hands. For that reason, the following list shows some of the best deals for nurses in electronics:

  • Samsung: This brand is devoted to creating products that overcome expectations. With its first responder program, it wants to recognize the heroes without capes, offering them up to a 30 percent discount on select items, instant trade-in credit, and easy returns, among other advantages.
  • Bose: Bose has been constantly seeking innovation and excellence for about 60 years and offers product discounts for nurses. These discounts will appear once nurses create accounts and verify their eligibility with ID.me.
  • AT&T: From powering the first phone call in 1876 to creating the 911 system, this company's primary goal is to connect people. For that reason, it gives nurses a 25 percent discount on its plans.
  • Irobot: With more than 30 years in the business, this company is a pioneer in the robotics industry. To say thank you to nurses, it offers a 15 percent discount for select robots and free ground shipping. 
  • Philips: Philips is a leading technology company that improves people's health and wellbeing through innovation and making care more accessible. This company offers a 25 percent discount on personal care items for first responders, educators, and healthcare professionals.
  • HP: With over 80 years in the business, this company is committed to reinventing your digital life. Therefore, HP gives nurses up to a 40 percent discount on its electronic products.

How Can Nurses Qualify for These Discounts?

To enjoy some of the discounts on the previous lists, nurses typically must verify their status on these platforms:   

Are There Discounts for PRN Nurses?

Nurses in the PRN world know that becoming independent contractors comes with some challenges. PRN nurses make significantly higher hourly wages but are responsible for paying their taxes and obtaining health insurance. Therefore, they may want to take advantage of these deals.

  • Proliability: The Association Member Benefits Advisors offers this liability insurance for self-employed nurse practitioners, who may be eligible for a 10 percent discount on their premium plans.   
  • Nurse Wallet: This app is free and can help PRN nurses keep track of the income they make by shift, the amount they need to earn to pay their bills, including self-employment taxes, and even the money they need to save for their next vacation.  

Nurses Deserve These Benefits and More

This discount compilation aims to help nurses find what they need for less and all in one place. This long list of discounts for nurses can also help clinicians value their essential role in society since companies in various industries, from technology to self-care, are more than happy to recognize their healthcare heroes.   

PRN registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), and certified nursing assistants (CNAs) can enjoy some of the discounts mentioned in this article.

Learn more about PRN nursing and the benefits of becoming a PRN nurse.

Guillermo Gainsborg, MA
Blog published on:
June 3, 2024

Meet Guillermo, a contributing copywriter for Nursa who specializes in writing nursing content about finances, licensing, technology, and staffing solutions.

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