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Discounts for Nursing Students: Laptops, Medical Bags and More

Clinical rotations and a heavy course load—on top of studying and working a part-time job—sum up a nursing student's life. In other words, a nursing student is busy, busy, busy! And, more often than not, a nursing student’s hard work goes without recognition, that is, until they graduate. Yet, there is a silver lining for nursing students. Not only are they working towards becoming the new healthcare heroes of our generation, but more and more companies are beginning to offer awesome discounts for students studying to become licensed healthcare workers. In fact, big-name travel companies like Kayak and hotel chains such as Wyndham offer generous discounts for nursing students who are members of the National Student Nurses' Association, Inc. (NSNA). Moreover, apparel brands, wellness companies, and education and learning resources all offer perks and discounts for nursing students across the country. With the holidays just around the corner, here is the first glance at some of the best-updated discounts for nursing students in 2022.

Top Discounts for Nursing Students Now

Many nursing students aspire to earn a respectable living wage after finishing nursing school. In fact, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, a registered nurse makes a median wage of $77,600 per year. At the same time, nursing students often struggle to make financial ends meet while pursuing a nursing degree and having to juggle a part-time job. Therefore, at the end of the day, a nursing student will appreciate any discount companies may offer them like they would a foot rub or a bubble bath. In other words, nursing students deserve a little appreciation and recognition for all their hard work. And, since medical gear purchases are one of the biggest expenses for nursing students, some companies are offering awesome discounts for nursing students. Moreover, these companies are amping up these nursing student discounts for the holiday season. Here are a few hot holiday discounts that make our list:

Scrubs & Beyond 

If you are a nursing student and live in your scrubs, you will want to make sure you check out what discounts the Scrubs & Beyond medical clothing and equipment line is offering nursing students. Head over to their website and save up to 15% on all online and in-store purchases by applying a special discount code for being a member of the NSNA.

Scrubs & Beyond: Discounted Medical Bags for Nursing Students

In addition to offering high-quality scrubs, Scrubs & Beyond also offers durable discounted medical bags for nursing students. In fact, for a limited time, Scrubs & Beyond is offering $40 off and free shipping for orders over $200. Plus, they have some really cute medical bags available for this Holiday season. You can check out their website here.

Office Depot and OfficeMax

A nursing student never travels anywhere without a pen in their scrub pocket and a few in their bag. In fact, as a nursing student, you can never have too many pens or certain office supplies to keep you afloat during clinical rotations and while studying for exams. Luckily for you, Office Depot and OfficeMax are now offering nursing students up to 75% off on in-store purchases. Additionally, where applicable, nursing students can receive free delivery. Needless to say, you won’t want to miss out on these nursing discounts! You can register for your nursing student discount for Office Depot nursing supplies here.

Office Depot: Discounted Laptops for Nursing Students

A laptop is a nurse’s best friend while in nursing school. So it makes sense that the majority of nurses want to carry around a sleek and packable laptop that’s easy to carry between clinical rotations, courses, and work. That’s why nursing students should not only take advantage of regular discounted laptops for nursing students but should also check out some killer deals offered by Office Depot due to the holiday season. You can snag some of Office Depot’s best deals and start saving today by shopping a wide selection of discounted notebooks and laptops here.


Most nursing students or nursing school graduates will own a pair of Crocs at one point in their lives. And, whether a nursing student uses them for work, leisure, or pleasure, Crocs are truly some of the most comfortable shoes on the planet. Fortunately, the Crocs brand is now offering up to 30% off for nursing students who sign up with Student Beans. You can register and start scooping up some of Croc’s awesome deals here.


While it may be hard to sneak away as a nursing student, self-care includes taking a little vacation every once in a while. With that in mind, whether you are a nursing student who needs a weekend getaway or is heading off to a medical conference in another state, Kayak is keeping an eye out for some fantastic nursing student discounts. Therefore, if you are a nursing student or a healthcare worker looking for a break, you can view Kayak’s list of great deals here.

Wyndham Hotel Group 

If you do manage to escape on a quick adventure as a nursing student and want a place to put your feet up, you can head over to Wyndham Hotels and save up to 20% off Wyndham Hotels as well as other worldwide hotel brands such as Red Roof Inn, Days Inn, and Planet Hollywood. You can register and unlock your nursing student deal for hotel deals here.


Cheers to a mental app that takes the edge off because—let’s be honest—being a nursing student can be emotionally challenging. That’s why TalkSpace offers a smart and innovative online therapy resource for people who need some support. Moreover, nursing students who already have a valid nursing license and have worked through the COVID-19 pandemic can sign up and receive 50% off their first month by registering via the TalkSpace website here.

Free Stuff for Nursing Students

They say nothing in life is free. Yet, if you are a nursing student or a registered nurse, super discounts do come around from time to time offered by companies who truly recognize the work it takes to be a licensed health worker. With that in mind, you can keep an eye out for a few discounts for nurses and nursing students here. Oh, and remember, we understand how hard nursing school can be, but we promise it will all pay off in the end! Keep trudging forward; you’ve got this!

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Blog published on:
November 14, 2022

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