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Whether you’re a nursing student or a working professional feeling overwhelmed at the workplace or unsure how to prepare for a new specialty, nursing can be challenging. That’s why it’s important to take the advice of those who’ve walked this path before you.

One of the ways to do this is by following nurses who are documenting their journeys through vlogging on YouTube. From sharing how to cope with toxic work environments to funny stories about how to respond when patients ask for your phone number, check out the following ten YouTube channels, which will give you the inside scoop on nursing from those in the trenches right along with you.

1. Miki Rai | @MikiRai1

Miki, a registered nurse (RN) based in the Pacific Northwest, graduated from the UCLA School of Nursing in 2018 and has been creating YouTube videos on her journey for years.

Her videos cover everything from financial tips for nurses to videos that chronicle a day in her life as a nurse. Miki also has a series of videos with her partner, a surgical resident, comparing medicine and nursing and sharing insights from his hospital residency experiences.

2. Penny Tovar | @PennyTovar 

If you’re looking for content outside of just nursing, check out Penny Tovar’s YouTube channel. The YouTuber, who has over 850,000 subscribers, began vlogging years ago about her everyday life, fashion, and hair—and rose in popularity due to her videos on curly hair care. 

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Over the years, as Penny pursued nursing, she has been creating more content around her job as a registered nurse. Penny takes viewers behind the scenes, showing them what it’s like to work a twelve-hour shift and sharing her routine as a night shift nurse

3. TheUrbanNurse | @TheUrbanNurse

If you’re looking for honest, candid experiences about the nursing profession, look no further than Tyrin Tyson. Known online as The Urban Nurse, Tyrin has a following of enthusiastic viewers who tune into his channel for videos on nursing experiences, covering everything from toxic work culture in healthcare to code-switching on the job. 

“Nursing is tough,” Tyson says in one interview. “We are glorified punching bags—we have to still stay there and smile.” To learn more about Tyrin’s journey as a Registered Nurse and hear his advice for other nurses facing similar challenges, check out his videos on YouTube.

4. The Nurse Nook | TheNurseNook

In the vein of keeping it real, if you’re looking for an insider’s video into nursing, check out The Nursing Nook, a YouTube channel by Alexis Nicole, BSN, RN, a Pediatric ER/ trauma nurse. Alexis shares why nursing is not glamorous and shares how much money nurses really make. 

5. Amy Bales | @AmyBales

If you’ve ever considered aesthetic nursing, Amy Bales’ videos about her current role working in a medical spa will pique your interest. 


In her video on the pros and cons of working in aesthetic nursing, she shares information to help others make informed decisions on their careers. “I work anything from maybe four to eight hour days—if that—and make more money [than hospital nursing],” she says. The downsides? Taking on a lot of responsibility, not having access to benefits, and dealing with criticism from others who don’t consider her a “real nurse.”

Amy also has videos on her experience as a former labor and delivery nurse and obstetric triage emergency nurse. 

6. Hey It’s Ely! | @HeyIt’sElly

Nursing students, you’re going to want to tune into this. If you’re struggling to cope with your workload as a nurse-in-training or just want to connect with others along this journey, check out Ely’s YouTube channel. Ely is a Filipino-American nursing graduate who turned to YouTube to document her journey as a student. 

Ely posts nursing, lifestyle, and other fun videos. She has you covered on everything from videos about study tips to preparing for board exams to her nursing graduation photoshoot. 

7. Aziwe Namba | Follow Here

For nurses interested in an international perspective on the profession, check out Aziwe’s YouTube channel. Aziwe is a South African nurse who shares videos on a day in her life and candidly shares what it’s like to face unemployment as a nurse. 

8. Ashley Taylor | @AshleyTaylorr

Ashley, a new grad nurse, who graduated with her BSN in 2021, has been documenting her journey on YouTube through videos on what it’s like to land her dream nursing job and work twelve-hour night shifts consecutively.

The Greenwood Village, Colorado-based nurse aims to inspire others not just when it comes to school and nursing but more broadly on health, friendship, and fitness

9. Nurse Zara | Follow Here 

Zara, a UK registered nurse who works for the government’s National Health Service (NHS), turned to YouTube years ago to share her experiences as a former student nurse and as a current Qualified Nurse.

For those considering nursing-adjacent careers, Zara’s videos on nursing versus midwifery or medicine versus nursing may be of particular interest. And in case you’re considering crossing the pond to practice nursing, she also has videos on how to become a nurse in the UK. Zara’s Q&A style videos are also jam-packed with information on working with nursing mentors, surviving night shifts, and more. 

10. Life of Michele | @NurseMichele

For a lighter look into nursing life, follow Nurse Michele, an ICU nurse who hilariously shares how she reacts when patients ask her for her phone number and balances this entertaining content with informative videos on topics including how to find a side hustle as a nurse. She also shares the behind-the-scenes of her life as a travel intensive care unit nurse. 

Final Thoughts on Nursing YouTube Channels

Hopefully, following these content creators will not only provide you with informative content that can help you make decisions in your nursing career but will also keep you entertained and show you the more humorous side of nursing. For those who are keen to watch videos on specific specialties, you can use YouTube as a search engine to find exactly what you’re looking for, from home care to ER nursing videos. 

If you’re feeling adventurous, or can’t seem to find the type of nursing content you’re looking for, consider starting your own YouTube channel to document your experiences and help others along the way. 

To discover more nursing content creators, check out Nursa’s blog on 15 Nurse Influencers You Need to Follow

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