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How It Works

Everyday, facilities post their unscheduled shifts to the nursa marketplace. Once you’ve registered and your license verified, you’ll be able to request shifts that fit your schedule. Pick up as many or as few shifts as you want.

Request the shifts that fit your schedule

“Really easy to get some extra cash on the days I don’t work!!!”

Top Pay

Pay rates depend on state, time of shift (day, night, noc), weekend, NonCOVID/COVID and other factors. Rates are listed with each shift so you cab choose which shifts you want to fill. Below are average rates by license.


$18 – $25

per shift


$30 – $44

per shift


$36 – $51

per shift

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Pay Weekly

In cities with active clinicians, we can typically fill urgent needs in 24 hrs – even for newly registered facilities.

Flexible Schedule

Less urgent needs are typically 60% filled within a few days in these same cities.

Earn Extra Money

In cities where we have fewer current clinicians, it can take a few extra days to ramp up. Once a facility registers with Nursa and starts posting shifts, we typically start filling the first set of shifts in 5 – 7 days.