Vaccinations and Titers for Required for Most Healthcare Professionals

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Vaccine and Titer Requirements for Healthcare Workers

It cannot be overstated the importance of vaccinations for healthcare professionals. We come into more contact with infectious diseases than most, while also providing care to the most vulnerable of our population.

We must be up to date on our vaccinations to protect our patients who are vulnerable due to illness, injury, or are immunocompromised. Moreover, vaccination is for our own protection. Your physical health is crucial to your ability to work and provide for yourself and your family.

  • Hepatitis B - Documentation of the three-series vaccination and titer paperwork required. If for your own reasons you choose to refuse the Hepatitis B vaccine, a PDF declination form can be found here: Hepatitis B Declination Form PDF.
  • MMR - Your documentation of the two series vaccinations and titer paperwork is required for Measles, Mumps, and Rubella. For refusal of this vaccination series, you will need a signed declination form. 
  • Varicella - Documentation of the two series vaccinations and titer paperwork required. For refusal of this vaccination series, you will need a signed declination form. 
  • Influenza - Documentation of this vaccine is typically required by facilities.
  • Tdap Vaccine - You have most likely already had at least one Tdap vaccine, check your vaccination records for the last date.
  • The vaccine does not provide lifelong protection, and it is recommended by the CDC that adults receive a booster Tdap every ten years or after an injury that was dirty, a result of contact with metal, or a burn.
  • The Tdap should not be confused with the Td which only works to prevent tetanus and Diptheria but provides no protection against pertussis.

Discuss any concerns you may have about a prior history of allergic reactions to these vaccines, or any underlying medical conditions.

What You Need to Know About Titers

Except for the case of Influenza, documentation of prior vaccines for these diseases is not usually sufficient for most medical facilities. Titer paperwork will usually be required. It's very important to be sure that when you are getting your titers, that you get quantitative titers, NOT qualitative titers.

Qualitative titers will only provide documentation of immunity or non-immunity and that is not sufficient documentation. Quantitative titers are more thorough and will provide the appropriate ranges for the values of positive or negative immunity and the actual numerical value of your blood draw.

Titers are different from vaccines in that they are blood tests that will actual measure your immunity to the specific disease. It is possible to have been vaccinated for a disease but have a titer result that shows you are non-immune.

If you have a titer with a non-immunity result, you'll most likely need to get vaccinated again. Take your vaccination records with you to consult with your doctor before re-vaccinating to be sure you get put on the proper vaccination schedule.

Take care that you don't have any titers done within 6-8 weeks of receiving a vaccination. Having a titer done too soon after vaccination can result in a false result of non-immunity. If a titer is required but you have been recently vaccinated, please reach out so we can discuss your individual case.

It is also possible that after receiving a booster and a follow-up titer your results still come back as non-immune. A percentage of people just don't become immune. If this is your situation, give us a call to discuss your options. You may need to complete what is called a Nonresponder Form.

Once you've found your vaccination records, don't waste any time uploading them to your professional digital portfolio on Nursa. Browse through our available PRN jobs for registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and certified nursing assistants. Some facilities may not require titers, and while that will limit your pool of PRN shifts temporarily, it will benefit you to become familiar with the platform.

Vaccinations and titers are primary components of nursing compliance documentation.

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