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Earn More Money as a PRN Nurse in Atwood, Kansas

Living and working in a small town can have its perks, especially for those in healthcare professions, such as registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), and certified nursing assistants (CNAs). Atwood, Kansas, located in the northwest corner of the state, is a close-knit community offering a unique healthcare professional experience. Let's discuss the responsibilities and working conditions for each RN, LPN, and CNA role in Atwood. Some high-paying nursing locations for nurses in the Atwood area include PhillipsburgHaysSharon SpringsNess City, and Jetmore.

RN Jobs in Atwood

Registered nurses in Atwood have many responsibilities, from patient care to administrative duties. They play a crucial role in the overall functioning of healthcare facilities, and their skills and expertise are in high demand in this small town.


RN roles in Atwood involve:

  • Providing patient care.
  • Coordinating the same care with the nursing team.
  • Educating patients about health conditions.
  • Managing and organizing patient records.

They are also responsible for administering medications, monitoring patients' vital signs, and consulting with other healthcare professionals to create and implement treatment plans. Additionally, RNs are expected to lead and supervise other healthcare nursing professionals, such as LPNs and CNAs, ensuring that all patient care tasks are carried out efficiently.

Working Conditions and Shifts

Registered nurses in Atwood typically work in hospitals, long-term care facilities, and clinics. They can also find jobs in schools, home health locations, and government facilities. Some high-paying specialty departments where RNs can work include Med SurgICUER, and Telemetry. Depending on the facility, RNs may work different shifts, including overnight, weekends, and holidays. RNs may be required to work 12-hour shifts in smaller facilities with fewer nurses, whereas in more extensive facilities, they may work 8-hour shifts. The workload and schedule for RNs in Atwood may vary depending on the type of facility and the number of patients, but they can expect a fast-paced and challenging work environment.

PRN (as needed) Work for RNs in Atwood

PRN or as-needed work is a popular option for RNs who prefer flexibility and variety in their work schedule. In Atwood, there are several opportunities for PRN work for registered nurses. PRN nurses work temporarily, filling in for nursing shortages, leaves of absence, or assisting with high patient volumes. PRN work can be found in long-term care facilities, hospitals, and clinics.

LPN Jobs in Atwood

Licensed practical nurses in Atwood provide essential nursing care to patients under the supervision of RNs and physicians. They are vital in ensuring patients receive quality healthcare and act as liaisons between patients and the healthcare team.


The primary responsibilities of LPNs in Atwood include:

  • Administering medication.
  • Monitoring patients' conditions.
  • Documenting patient care.
  • Assisting with daily tasks such as bathing, dressing, and feeding.

Depending on the facility, LPNs may also be responsible for collecting samples for lab testing and performing routine diagnostic tests. They work closely with RNs to provide comprehensive patient care and update the healthcare team on patients' progress.

Working Conditions and Shifts

LPNs in Atwood can find jobs in hospitals, long-term care facilities, skilled nursing facilities, and home health locations. Depending on the facility, they typically have a 40-hour workweek, which may include weekends and holidays. LPNs may work 12-hour shifts in smaller facilities, whereas in more extensive facilities, they may work 8-hour shifts. The work environment for LPNs can be physically demanding.

PRN (as needed) Work for LPNs in Atwood

Similar to RNs, licensed practical nurses in Atwood can also take on PRN work. PRN LPNs work on-call, filling in for nursing shortages or assisting with high patient volumes. PRN LPNs in Atwood may rotate through different facilities and departments, providing them with diverse experiences and the opportunity to learn new skills. Some specialty units for PRN CNAs include Med SurgICU, and ER. This type of work offers flexibility and the chance to work in different healthcare settings.

CNA Jobs in Atwood

Certified nursing assistants in Atwood have a hands-on role in caring for patients and maintaining their physical and emotional well-being. They work under the supervision of RNs and LPNs and assist with day-to-day tasks to ensure that patients are comfortable and receive adequate care.


CNAs in Atwood perform tasks such as taking and recording vital signs, assisting with patient hygiene, and reporting patient condition changes to the healthcare team. They are also responsible for helping patients with mobility, feeding, and toileting. CNAs work closely with patients and provide emotional support during their stay in the facility.

Working Conditions and Shifts

CNAs in Atwood can find jobs in hospitals, long-term care facilities, and home health locations. Their shifts may vary depending on the facility, but they typically work 8-hour shifts, including weekends and holidays.

PRN (as needed) Work for CNAs in Atwood

PRN opportunities are available in Atwood for CNAs who prefer a flexible work schedule. PRN CNAs work as needed, filling in for nursing shortages or assisting with high patient volumes. This type of work can allow CNAs to work in different healthcare settings and gain experience in various areas of patient care.

Learn About Picking Jobs in the Area

Request jobs in the area and enjoy these activities in Atwood:

  • Visit Atwood Lake: Enjoy a relaxing day at the beautiful Atwood Lake, where you can fish, swim, and picnic with family and friends.
  • Explore the Prairie Museum of Art and History: Immerse yourself in the history and culture of Atwood at this museum, which features exhibits on agriculture, Native American artifacts, and pioneer life.
  • Attend the Rawlins County Fair: This annual fair is a must-visit event in Atwood, featuring carnival rides, live music, delicious food, and various competitions.
  • Hike at Monument Rocks: This natural wonder, also known as the Chalking Rocks, is a collection of towering limestone formations that offer stunning panoramic views of the surrounding area.
  • Go on a Safari at Beaver Creek Wildlife Area: Take a guided tour through this 10,000-acre wildlife area and spot native animals such as bison, elk, deer, and prairie dogs.

Working as an RN, LPN, or CNA in Atwood, Kansas, can be a rewarding experience. These healthcare roles are vital in ensuring patients receive the best care and support. The responsibilities and working conditions may vary for each role. Still, the sense of community and the opportunities for growth and development make Atwood an ideal place for healthcare professionals to live and work. Create a profile and start requesting shifts today.

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