Discover the sun-kissed city of St Petersburg, Florida, and take advantage of the many per diem job opportunities for RNs, LPNs, CNAs, and allied healthcare workers! With its unique culture, diverse attractions, and year-round warm weather, St Petersburg is an ideal city for healthcare professionals looking for a change of pace.


Whether you want to supplement your income with PRN shifts or do this kind of work full-time, discover high-paying, flexible jobs for healthcare workers in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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RN Jobs in St. Petersburg

Registered nurses (RNs) provide and coordinate patient care. They administer treatments, create healthcare plans, make diagnoses, and supervise other nursing staff. Due in part to the nursing shortage, RN jobs can be very stressful, especially when they have many patients or are in charge of more tasks than they can handle. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean RN salary in St. Petersburg is $79,920 per year or $38.42 per hour. However, with PRN jobs, RNs can make higher hourly wages and find the work-life balance they need.

LPN Jobs in St. Petersburg

Licensed practical nurses (LPNs) are in charge of individual patient care and performing some administrative tasks, such as filling out information for each patient. LPNs have practical training that allows them to insert catheters, change dressings efficiently, and administer medication under the supervision of an RN or physician. LPNs report to registered nurses and are part of the healthcare team in charge of a patient. Their functions are vital to the smooth functioning of the healthcare facility or hospital where they work. For St. Petersburg, the mean salary for LPNs is $52,640 per year, corresponding to an hourly wage of $25.31.

CNA Jobs in St. Petersburg

Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) are responsible for the direct care of patients. CNAs are also part of the multidisciplinary team providing patients with comprehensive care. Typical CNA tasks include helping with dressing, grooming, hydration, feeding, etc. They provide patients with assistance to carry out activities of daily living. For St. Petersburg, the average salary for CNAs is $34,770 per year or $16.72 per hour.

How to Find PRN Jobs in Healthcare

PRN jobs in nursing are temporary and generally taken on a shift basis. Unlike staffing agencies, Nursa connects nurses and other healthcare workers directly with hospitals and other healthcare facilities looking for qualified staff.

There are many advantages to picking up PRN shifts. PRN jobs allow nurses to benefit from the following:

  • Apply only for the shifts they want, taking control of their schedules
  • Earn more per hour, thereby living more comfortably or achieving savings goals
  • Gain more experience in the long run since they can work in many different settings 

Nurses can use digital tools and apps, such as Nursa, to find PRN jobs in St. Petersburg and throughout Florida. Finding PRN jobs with Nursa is as simple as signing up, creating a nursing profile, uploading credentials for verification, and applying for shifts.

How Much Money Does a PRN Healthcare Worker Make?

PRN income varies based on several factors. Generally, the higher the level of licensure, the higher the pay. Pay can also vary based on location and work setting. Furthermore, clinicians willing to work nights, weekends, or holidays may find higher rates. The bottom line is that nursing professionals working PRN shifts make significantly higher hourly wages than staff clinicians.

Things to Do in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is known for its beautiful weather almost all year round, so most outdoor activities, such as going to the beach, playing golf, or taking walks in the parks, are highly recommended in this beautiful city. It is also known for its art and museums, such as the Salvador Dali Museum. St. Petersburg prides itself on being diverse, with activities for the whole family and all interests. Pick up per diem shifts near you in St. Petersburg and enjoy this fantastic setting.

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