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Connect with Clinicians in Real-Time to Fill RN, LPN, and CNA Jobs

No more last-minute scrambling to find clinicians to fill vacant shifts by calling, texting, emailing, and faxing multiple recruiter agencies and paying high premiums. You can stop burning out your existing float pool by pressuring them to pick up shifts they don’t want. Find local qualified medical professionals who are actively looking for per-diem (PRN), short-term, part-time, and local travel nursing jobs with Nursa™.

Fill staffing shortages with local qualified and compliant registered nurses (RNs), licensed nurse practitioners (LPNs), and certified nursing assistants (CNAs) from the palm of your hand with our convenient nurse staffing mobile app. Download the app and verify your facility profile today. It’s free, fast, and easy. If you need any additional assistance during the process, our Nursa™ support staff will be there to support you along the way.

Medical Professionals on Nursa™ Include RNs, LPNs, and CNAs

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Search a wide range of nurses and assistants with different specialties and certifications with Nursa™. You can post your open PRN shifts for the following medical professionals:

  • Registered Nurses
  • Licensed Practical Nurses
  • Certified Nurse Assistants

Direct Communication

You can directly communicate with any professional who requests to fill one of your nursing jobs with Nursa™ chat. Any time you have questions or comments for a clinician who has made a request for one of your jobs, just start a new chat with them.

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Simplify and Streamline

Our fully qualified and vetted RN, LPNs, and CNAs can fill your PRN staffing shortages without the arduous paperwork and bureaucracy that normally accompany the nurse recruiting and hiring process.

Our licensed medical professionals register within the app and upload their verified licenses and certifications for compliance. When a nurse or CNA requests to fill your open per diem shifts, you’ll be able to see their profile to determine how well their compliance matches and if they are an ideal fit for the job.

Staffing Gaps and Emergencies

If you are filling holes in the schedule and staffing emergencies with PRN nurses or aides, then you need nurses who can step right in and go to work without a full orientation. Our talent pool of RNs, LPNs, CNAs, are professionals and experienced. They are ready and able to support your team and professionally care for your patients.

Verified for Compliance

Our licensed professionals upload their verified licenses, certifications, and qualifications directly within the app’s secure digital profile. Nursa™ is a secure place for our nurses to save their compliance documents, and our platform allows them to share those documents with you securely. If they do not have the compliance document you are looking for, you can request it or move on to another candidate.

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Download the App and Get Started Now!

Nursa™ provides you a safe and secure place to store your credentials, and find available per-diem work close to home or across the country in real-time.

Plan Ahead for Holidays and High Census Periods

Plan for the busy times of the year with Nursa™. Maybe certain holiday seasons are tough to staff. Perhaps there is a time of year when several of your staff members have requested vacation time. Or, it could be that certain times of the year your facility routinely faces high census. Regardless of the cause of your staffing need, don’t wait until the last minute to fill the gaps in the schedule. Plan ahead and post those key shifts with Nursa™ and worry less about holidays and high-volume times of the year.

Use Nursa™ to Save Your Facility Time and Money

Stop wasting your valuable time on recruitment. Simply post your shifts in the app and then work on what matters most. You can relax and breathe easy knowing that your shifts will be viewed by qualified and compliant professionals. Save that budget that would normally be spent on expensive third-party staffing agencies and headhunters.

Our Nursa™ support team is available to step in and help you throughout the entire hiring process. Once you’ve gotten your feet wet and you feel confident in your ability to use the app, you can post your RN, LPN, and CNA jobs independently and start hiring the qualified medical professionals you need.

Create Your Healthcare Facility Profile Today

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Register and verify a profile for your facility in a few simple minutes. Then you can start adding jobs, including the scheduled hours, pick your pay rate, and description or responsibilities. The recruitment part of your job is done once the position is posted. Qualified candidates will be notified of your opening, and our team at Nursa™ will go to work to find just the right person for your need.

You’re going to love using Nursa™ to fill your facility’s PRN nursing shifts. The money saved. The dedicated nurses that come your way. The simplicity, all of it. We have taken a decades-long nurse staffing issue that was a major headache of phone calls, fees, bureaucracy, and paperwork; and streamlined it into a free, modern, sophisticated, user-friendly, and multifaceted app that you can download today in the iOS App Store, and Google Play. Our app is backed by a team of dedicated support professionals. We’re here to help – let’s get started!

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