PRN Jobs in Washington DC for RNs, LPNs, CNAs & Allied

PRN Jobs for Medical Professionals Abound in the Capital of the Free World

Washington, D.C., is the proud home of the White House and other fascinating historical monuments that inspire patriotism to around 20 million tourists annually. Furthermore, while it's a given that many residents of the District of Columbia have careers and jobs in the political sector, the medical industry is also a significant employer here. As such, registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), certified nursing assistants (CNAs), and allied healthcare workers encompass a solid portion of the working public. When they want to earn more, they pick up PRN (per diem) jobs in Washington, D.C., and the surrounding area, all from the palm of their hand with the Nursa healthcare staffing app.

Download the Nursa App to Book PRN Shifts in Washington, D.C.

Yes, it is possible to take the laborious process of searching for jobs and streamline it into a simple and thoughtful approach. The Nursa app takes the fuss, the windows, and the tabs clogging your browser and makes your life easier. RNs looking for jobs in Washington, D.C. don't have to worry if a recruiter understands their wants or schedules. Nursa puts the control in each user's hands by allowing each clinician and each allied healthcare worker to select which PRN shift to apply for, as it meets their scheduling requirements and pay rate desires. 

What Are PRN Jobs and How Much Do They Pay?

PRN jobs, or shifts, are worked only on an as-needed basis. There is no set schedule, as PRN shifts are posted by facilities to fill shift gaps and employment vacancies to remain in compliance with staff-to-patient ratios and continue providing quality patient care. Additionally, there is no set pay rate for PRN work, either.

Nevertheless, due to the demand, medical facilities often offer hourly pay rates for their posted PRN jobs that are higher than what they pay staff employees. Facilities save themselves the money of having to cover benefits and hiring costs of a staff member, and RNs, LPNs, CNAs, and other allied workers can earn extra income when they work PRN.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the District of Columbia is among the highest paying locations for RNs. In 2021, RNs earned an average of $47.38 per hour. LPN jobs in Washington, D.C., in 2021, paid $27.52 hourly, which is also above the nationwide average, and CNAs earned $18.94 an hour at their jobs, making Washington, D.C. the fourth highest-paying location in the nation in their job bracket.

Staff nurses and aides increase their earnings by picking up a few PRN shifts, while others have transitioned to working PRN jobs full time. PRN jobs in Washington, D.C. aid medical professionals in meeting their financial goals and attaining autonomy over their work schedule that few have yet many desire.

Facilities in Washington, D.C.

The District has a diverse range of medical hospitals and care facilities that routinely offer PRN jobs. Here's a list of some of the major players in the area:

What do Residents of the Federal City do?

Outside of work, history buffs may imagine evenings and weekends spent exploring the monuments, memorials, and other historically poignant sites. They'd be suitable for the new residents settling in. Nevertheless, once the epic list of must-see attractions is checked off, vibrant culture of science, arts, dining, sports, and so much more remains. Here's a list that is by no means encompassing yet captures resident favorites with a variety of interests:

  • The Smithsonian Institute - The Smithsonian isn't simply a museum; it is a complex of several museums, a zoo, and gorgeous gardens. Residents can do what for tourists is merely impossible: visit every single room and exhibit. Entry is free, and without a financial dip in the pocket, rainy Saturdays or cold Sundays don't keep people in their homes.
  • Boat tours - The water is a beautiful way to enjoy lunch, dinner, or a themed party. For the rowdier ones, there's even a booze cruise option. 
  • Mount Vernon Trail and Capital Crescent Trail - City planners didn't forget the human need for green spaces. These two trails are perfect for anyone wanting a bike ride or a casual hike.
  • National Symphony Orchestra (NSO) - The NSO hosts a packed calendar of events year long.

Swanky rooftop bars, parks, distilleries, trendy restaurants, the Washington National Opera, and the Washington Ballet all collide to provide entertainment and enjoyment throughout the year.

What Makes Washington, D.C. Unique 

It's more than a city, but it isn't a state. Our forefathers decided that Washington D.C. should not have any specific state allegiance despite being surrounded by the state of Maryland on three sides and Virginia on the remaining fourth. The Constitution stipulated that it would be the seat of the government of the United States and, therefore, should be an entirely neutral environment. It operates as a city and cooperates with neighboring states under its autonomy, but it is defined or classified as a district.

How Does Nursa Work?

How can you find PRN jobs near you? By using Nursa. Nursa is connected to hundreds of healthcare administrators and facilities in Washington, D.C., looking for talented medical professionals willing to earn more by working on demand. With their profiles on Nursa, they post the available PRN jobs and wait for qualified clinicians to apply. 

  1. Search for District of Columbia healthcare jobs. Register for an account.
  2. Verify credentials (licensure and any certifications).
  3. Create a professional digital profile.
  4. Apply for jobs.

Yes, it's that simple. In real-time, the Nursa staffing app has hundreds of PRN jobs in the District of Columbia. Nursa is for all RNs, LPNs, LVNs, CNAs, and allied healthcare workers. Download the app today and change your life.

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