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If you live near or in West Virginia and are a clinician, then it's time you joined the community of medical professionals that use our per diem app to connect to PRN nursing shifts in the facilities near you. Aside from high-paying PRN jobs in West Virginia, the state offers its residents breathtaking mountain vistas, and friendly neighbors, and lovely rural communities. 

Why Nurses and Nurses Assistants Love Living in West Virginia

Residents of the Mountain State are blessed with outdoor activities in every season, thanks in large part to the Appalachian Range which spans the entire state. Additionally, for residents and travelers interested in the past, this state is home to historic Civil War battlefields. Like the dearly departed music artist John Denver crones in his "Country Roads" song, "West Virginia! Mountain mama! Take me home, country roads..." West Virginia's country roads will take you more places than just home. Popular free-time activities to be enjoyed all year long include:

  • Hiking
  • Geocaching
  • Biking
  • Fly Fishing
  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • White Water Rafting
  • Visiting Historical Sites

Indeed, activities here are as boundless as the RN, LPN, and CNA jobs in West Virginia. Some of the state's major attractions include:

  • New River Gorge - Test your mettle on these rushing rapids in one of the oldest rivers of the entire continent.
  • Greenbrier - Stay in this world-class resort and visit the now de-classified hidden bunker in the hills.
  • Mountain Music Trail - Discover the special genre of this region on the Mountain Music Trail that crosses state lines into neighboring state Virginia.
  • Potomac River - This is the perfect spot for fly fishing or kayaking.
  • Beech Fork State Park - Hiking, biking, and geocaching are popular activities in this state park and you can do it all while renting a mountain cabin or setting up your tent on their campgrounds.

Nursa is the Bridge to Jobs in the State of West Virginia 

Local travel nursing jobs and PRN shifts for nurses and nursing assistants are compiled by Nursa and made available to our clinician users all through our cutting-edge smartphone app. 

Register today and build your digital professional portfolio. Once you've verified your license you can start browsing shifts that are PRN (medical abbreviation for as needed or on demand) at medical facilities near you right away. We post jobs that are available in real time. If you're in need of an income boost and have a few days off coming up, you'll find exactly what you're looking for. 

You'll find there are more benefits to working PRN than the most obvious monetary benefit. Working PRN could enhance your career and change your life. If you're unsure about working PRN, you can learn more about the benefits of it and the different ways you can use it to build your career by reading our post, "What is a PRN Nurse? Benefits of Working Per Diem Shifts". 

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