Karin Zonneveld

Karin author at Nursa

Karin has been a contributing copywriter for Nursa since May 2022 and specializes in topics such as nursing continuing education and career, location highlights, community, finances, lifestyle, and compassion in healthcare. She is proud of writing for Nursa, a company deeply identified with her principles of providing help to those in need. She studied nutrition and dietetics at Universidad Mayor de San Simón, where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree as a dietitian, and ever since then, she hasn't stopped specializing and learning about childhood nutrition, female nutrition, and breastfeeding. 

A passionate writer since childhood and with a family background in writing, Karin learned IT from her programmer father at a young age. In 2018, she began her blog about the path that inspires her to live in the ecoactive community “El Hornero,” which she formed alongside other families based on agroforestry and permaculture principles in Cochabamba, Bolivia. A La Leche League International member, Karin volunteers as a breastfeeding and postpartum counselor and gives early childhood nutrition workshops. She worked as an English teacher during the pandemic and previously worked with autistic people, supporting them in living independently and raising awareness about autism in Scottish Autism. In her spare time, Karin loves to solve algebra exercises, play guitar, travel, and see new places with her four-year-old daughter and her permaculturist husband, as well as create female-focused agroforestry and permaculture projects for the community in which she lives, planting as many trees as possible.

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