15 Daily Accessories Every PRN Nurse Needs to Have

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July 13, 2022

Being a nurse can be made easier with the right gadgets and accessories, but when you move from one PRN job to another, accessing all of your essentials without having a permanent locker at a healthcare facility makes things a little tricky. 

With frequent relocations, thoughtful minimalism is key, so we have put together a unique list of 15 practical daily accessories every PRN nurse should consider investing in! Let’s take a look!

Quality Shoes

Good shoes are a crucial health and safety investment for nurses. Since you are on your feet for pretty much your whole shift, it’s important to find shoes that provide comfort and safety. Because safety requires impenetrable materials, say no to mesh or other breathable materials that could allow fluids to seep in. Consider investing in one of these industry favorites preferred by nurses: 

  • Calzuro Clogs
  • Dansko Clogs
  • Hoka Sneakers
  • BALA Twelves

Want more support? Upgrade your footwear with shoe insoles from Upstep or Hammacher Schlemmer. 

App Subscriptions

Since PRN nurses are constantly on the go, having digital resources at their fingertips is one of the best investments to make! Seriously, who has space for physical resource books?

Here are some of multiple academic apps that can help nurses with their day-to-day work:

  • Taber’s Medical Dictionary
  • Nursing Central
  • Pedi QuickCalc
  • Epocrates

Alternative Jewelry

Not only do many hospitals have jewelry policies that limit what you can wear, but nurses also have to wash hands frequently; therefore, wearing rings and other accessories can be tough!

Luckily, there are new alternatives from brands like Enso Rings, which offer an array of silicone jewelry, bringing innovative style and safety to nurses. Don’t want the price tag of brand names? Amazon has fantastic options in multi-packs! 

Compression Socks

There are tons of studies that find that compression socks not only help distance athletes but also those who are on their feet for long periods either standing or walking. On top of reaping the health benefits of compression socks, such as limiting leg and foot pain, have fun rocking socks featuring your favorite furry friends, colors, and patterns!

Multi-Color Pens

Having an array of click pens in different colors is great, but an all-in-one multi-color pen is even better! Retractable multi-color pens allow nurses to limit the number of pens they carry around without losing color-coding options! 

Enjoy the feature of multi-colored ink as well as the practical clips that attach to pockets, clipboards, and any other place where you would like to keep a pen. 

Sanitizer Holders

Although healthcare facilities have sanitation stations throughout their buildings, it’s sometimes nice to have your own travel-size bottle! Bath and Body Works not only makes pocket-size sanitizer bottles in an array of fun scents, but they also make adorable holders that will make you smile while they keep you healthy! 

Does your hospital have a scent policy? Consider a refillable wristlet for approved sanitizers!

Hand-Held Vein Finder

Hospitals have high-tech vein finders, but if you are working at a new unit – and as a PRN nurse, you often are – it’s nice to have your own illumivein vein finder to avoid going on a wild goose chase to find the hospital’s one. 

Cell-Phone Sanitizer

In general, phones are usually crawling with bacteria, even more so the phones of nurses, who are constantly exposed to different types of germs. By carrying around a portable phone sanitizer with its own built-in charger, you can improve your chances of staying healthy! 

The UV light sterilizer kills 99.9% of bacteria and germs in just six minutes, so you can easily and quickly stay protected on the go!

Blue-Light Blocking Glasses

In the nursing field, the reality is that when you are not facing a patient, you are facing a computer screen! 

Since continually exposing your eyes to harmful blue spectrum light can lead to headaches, dry eyes, sleep disturbance, and eyestrain, try wearing blue-light blocking glasses. Amazon offers multi-packs in different colors and patterns at reasonable prices.

Cheat Reference Cards

Nurses have to be in the know of many things, but let’s be honest: Not all information can be top of mind all the time. By adding these reference cards to your badge holders, you can have all the information you need at your fingertips, including cheat cards for electrocardiograms (EKGs), lab values, pharmacy, pediatrics, and more!

Foldable Clipboards 

Skip the old school clipboards you had in nursing school! This foldable clipboard for nurses is a go-to accessory for those who don't want to carry around a lot of bulk. Easy to use, compact, and lightweight, the foldable clipboard can easily be packed away in your scrub pockets.

Fanny Packs

In addition to being back in fashion, fanny packs can play a big part in making your daily life easier by helping you carry your daily supplies. Having a practical fanny pack can help limit your trips to supply rooms, which in turn saves time and is a relief for your feet.

Clip-On Nurse Watches

Scoot over fancy Apple watches or Fitbits! Nurses need their wrists free due to Bare Below Elbows (BBE) policies, so customized nurse watches are a great option since you can easily clip them onto your scrubs!

Portable Phone Charger

So many nurses, so few outlets! Keep your phone charged with a credit-card-sized portable phone charger that can keep your phone juiced throughout your shift.

Dry Erase Bracelet

Skip writing on your hand! This reusable and wearable dry erase board will make recording blood pressure, patient notes, and quick reminders incredibly easy and efficient!

Gadgets for You: A Shift Made Easy! 

And there you have it: accessories all PRN nurses need to consider getting to make their work more practical, comfortable, and efficient. 

At Nursa, we not only give a “shift” about helping you find your next nursing contract, but we also care about improving your daily routines and nurse-life balance! 

We hope these accessories can greatly improve your life as a healthcare professional. For more helpful information, be sure to check out our vast library of resources for PRN nurses. From understanding your taxes as a gig worker to mental health resources, we have all the information nurses need in order to feel confident in their positions.

Blog published on:
July 13, 2022

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