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What is Digital Health, and How Is It Changing The Landscape of Care?

Digital health promotes healthy lives for everyone, everywhere. Digital health has heavily impacted the healthcare industry. The concept of digital health helped achieve higher standards of health. Considering this significant milestone, this article will help explain more about digital health and the other topics within the concept.

Healthcare Technology in the Workplace

How is healthcare technology being incorporated into the workplace? Digital health or healthcare technology uses technological methods in the medical field. Digital health helps improve lives and allows patients to make informed decisions about their health. What makes digital health so fascinating is how complex it is despite its simple definition. Digital health solutions allow everything in the medical field to be much easier—using computer platforms, software, and other sensors for health-related issues. Things like medical records and order entries are all completely electronic. Read this article to learn more about how nurses use technology in the workplace and training environments.

What role are nurses playing with technology now, and how will this change in the future? As nursing evolved, so did the technology that followed it. Digital health allows remote health assistance to individuals residing in places where healthcare facilities may not be accessible. Managing data with technology, such as collecting data through heart monitors, allows nurses to develop their management skills. Nurses can enhance their skills in management, effective healthcare delivery, and other areas in the medical field. Nurses also learn more through training with technology. 

Digital health works towards improving communication skills, digital education, regulatory issues, deploying telehealth services, and improving inter-professional health communications. Incorporating telemedicine into nursing practices allows information to be communicated easily and quickly and brings support to patients.

What Is Healthcare IT?

Healthcare IT is the new era of health. Healthcare IT (information technology) improves public health via the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, amelioration, or cure of disease, illness, injury, and other physical and mental impairments in people.

How Do Nurses Use IT?

Every day, all across the country, nurses use technology as a part of their jobs. Nurses use all sorts of technology throughout the day to improve the care of patients. 

What type of technology do nurses use?

  • Technology for setting up patients
  • When a patient enters a facility, their information is entered into the provider’s system. This includes creating a patient profile and setting up payment methods and health insurance information. Having a basic knowledge of computers, including word processing software, are essential for working as a nurse.
  • Technology for medical record-keeping
  • Many patients have crucial information, such as medical and family health histories. This information helps doctors and other practitioners diagnose problems. Many nurses specialize in using healthcare record-keeping and have become trained and specialized in nursing informatics.
  • Technology for diagnosing and monitoring patients
  • Nurses will take vital signs, draw blood, or send patients to be x-rayed. This technology helps doctors and other practitioners diagnose diseases and conditions. Nurses will use monitoring technology to observe patients and give them the correct type of care they need. 
  • Some examples are:
  • Telehealth
  • Electronic health records
  • Digital and portable monitors
  • Automatic IV pumps

Healthcare IT Staffing

Healthcare staffing apps and agencies rose in popularity during the pandemic and provided facilities with digital staffing solutions. With that massive way of nurse burnout and retirement, many new positions have opened up for new nurses to fill in. With IT staffing, vacancies in various settings can be quickly filled in. A nurse gets to use their flexible schedule and skills to gain new experience in the medical field. Nurses participating in IT staffing will work in all sorts of environments. From places like hospitals, small clinics, nursing homes, and jails, the possibilities are endless.

Healthcare IT Consulting

Healthcare IT consulting is the process of sharing experience and giving guidance and advice to make business decisions that promote growth to benefit customers and patients. There are many examples of healthcare consultation - such as healthcare news, and insurance companies are most effective in delivering healthcare. What kind of skills are needed in healthcare consultation? Analysis and critical thinking skills, mathematics, strong communication skills, and good decision-making. The role of healthcare consultation is to optimize efficiency and productivity and provide the best patient care for everyone.

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Booher, RN
Blog published on:
October 29, 2022

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